First Step

  • We will ask you to fill a simplified online form to assess your profile and requirements. This helps us in finding the expert who can be a good fit and hence guide you to succeed. Just like you, our expert’s backgrounds and perspectives are varied.

Second Step

  • You get a free introductory call with the expert (15 minutes) to get to know each other and briefly discuss your career goals and aspirations

Third Step

  • If you like to go ahead you can sign up for regular sessions with the expert. Expert sessions are available over the phone and Skype/video. Occasionally in-person meetings can take place on or after the 3rd or 4th call. While scheduling the call please also provide the reason and approximate length (30 minutes, 45 minutes) of the call. This will help in efficient use of expert’s time and your time. You are charged at that time for the initial call amount based on the expert’s rate and duration scheduled.


Expert sessions can cover the following topics:


  1. Entry-to-Mid Level Professionals
    • Career Advice: Career Planning & Development
    • Writing winning resumes and cover letters
    • Successful Interviewing
    • Networking & Job search strategy

  2. Mid-to-Senior Level Professionals
    • Career Options: Exploring a new career
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Conflict Management
    • Effective Team Management
    • Professional relationship management (how to build and sustain professional relationships)


Pricing is per hour for the duration of the call/meeting. Each expert’s rate has been customized based on factors like average market rate, years of professional experience, industry connections, industry reputation etc.