Best certification program for project manager

Best Certification program for the Project manager

According to an estimate, 97% of the organizations believe that good knowledge of project management is critical to organizational success. Due to the improper certifications and lack of knowledge, barely half of the project managers don’t know the real meaning of the project management domain because of which most of the companies suffer.

Project manager certifications can help you to achieve your goals in professional life. This will surely help you to grow in your career. Most of the organizations prefer to recruit certified professionals because everyone knows the value of the Project Management Professionals. There are several PMP certification & training programs under which you can enroll and get the best training for the project management exam.

Reasons to go for Project Management Certification

There is a PMP certification for experienced, new, or struggling. Here are some of the reasons which explain the reason of project management certification in today time and age.

Best Certification program for Project Manager

Global Acknowledgment

There are several online institutes and portals like Simplilearn, MindCypress, etc. Where you can get the proper training of project management for world class education and certifications for the professionals. Once you are eligible by gaining the eligibility points for the PMBOK. You can go for the PMP test to gain your certification. PMP certification globally acknowledged and accepted internationally.

Salary Hike

We all work for salaries and love the hikes every year on it. The average salary hike of a professional after waiting for 1 year is 10%-15%. After PMP certification, a resource becomes the asset of the company. The average salary hike for the PMP certified professional becomes more than 30% in a year. Project manager certification can be taken from the various online websites and portals.

Job Security and Challenging project management with better job opportunities

Project management certification helps you to gain the confidence of your company and you can easily handle the challenging projects. As soon as you develop the right skillset from the certification, you won’t feel hurdled. Also, certification helps you to equip yourself with the knowledge and experience enabling better job opportunities from the big organizations which validate your credibility to the core.

Case Study

In an organization, the HR department was being handled by a single person who was doing the Marketing part also. Working more than 12 hours a day, the employee finally gave up and decided to discuss the matter with the Management. The management decided to hire a new staff for the Human resources department and when the HR department formed, the following measures were taken to eradicate the existing issues in the organization which was not highlighted. Surprisingly, the management witnessed the proficiency and technical aspects of the HR department for the first time. This all happened because the head of HR was the PMP certified professional and he implemented the following aspects in the department.

  • Identifying needs of workers and employees
  • Promise to provide equal opportunity in work place
  • Managing employee payroll, their benefits and salaries
  • Dealing with individual capabilities and energy to ensure jobs
  • Monitoring work
  • Analyzing performance graphs
  • Recruitment and training of employees

All this happened because of the efficient employee and his training. You can notice the difference in the HR tasks completed by the Marketing Person and the PMP certified HR professional.

Who can apply for project management?

Nowadays, the major challenge faced by the project managers: They don’t have any step by step guide to follow, through which they can attain excellence. When a set of rules and regulations is followed by the experts which are pre-defined then excellence can be achieved.

Anyone who is managing projects can apply for project management. The best thing about the course is that it covers all the domains of projects. Whether it is IT, Finance, Sales, or even Marketing. It gives us a clear picture of each and every step of the project.


Project Management is considering out to be the best certification by the experts. The set of questions that is followed in the Project Management test is universal and it can be applied to any of the department or domain. If you are looking for the best in class Project management certification, you can apply for the classroom learning, live virtual class, and even the in house training if a group is available to attend. Project Management Certification internationally accepted and most of the organizations who are working on projects are hiring the project managers who can handle the critical projects at any point of time. The best thing about the Project Management certification is that the professionals who have completed the certification, they can pick the project from anywhere.

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