Business Analytics

Business Analytics

The Boom of Business Analytics:

The government and the business persons are trying hard to find to ways for making sense of the data available. BA that is business analytics finds favor as it is the complete use of techniques and tools such as pattern mining, data mining, data visualization and predictive modeling so as to predict the outcomes, even optimize it and derive the data value. Organizations can better struggle in competitive market either it be globally or locally using the useful information.

Niche creation with our programs of Business Analytics:

It is a methodical exploration and a practice of iterative of the data of a particular organization. By business analytics we try to put emphasis on the statistical analysis. This business analytics is mainly used by companies that are committed to decision making based on data. If you like to gain an insights that the business decisions can even automate the business processes and even optimize it. Data is a corporate asset for the companies that are data driven that are leveraged for the competitive advantages.

Either you belong from operations and sales or finance; you may be connected everyday to millions of data points even without having information regarding the derivation of valuable information from the data

Walk With Us:

With MindCypress business analytics program, you will extract much more valuable data and information. Based on the historical patterns, this program mainly focuses on the econometrics, forecasting, future predictions of the outcome and time series analysis. This program makes an extensive use of statistical, data, quantitative analysis; facts based management and the predictive modeling for driving the decision making.

Benefits in career:

This business analytics is used across all the organizations and functions like e-commerce, law enforcement, information technology, healthcare, banking and insurance, human resource management and even biotechnology. Some areas of working where it is applicable is target marketing, product analysis, social media behavior, customer lifecycle management, fraud detection, link analysis, inventory management, genetic research and many more. Some of the roles that a business analytics play across industries are:

  • Intelligence Analyst
  • SAP CO Business Analyst
  • Information Analyst
  • Imagery Analyst
  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Senior Business Systems Analyst
  • Contract Analyst
  • Net Java Analyst
  • SAP PP Senior Analyst

Course Index:

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Introduction to Analytics

Basic Statistics

Predictive modeling using Linear Regression (Contd….)

Forecasting using Time Series Techniques


Predictive modeling using Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

ARIMA Modeling