Finance For Non Finance

Finance For Non Finance

Finance for Non-financial Professionals Certification Training is ideal for business managers who wish to get a working knowledge of core financial principles and understand how financial decisions impact a company’s financial health. You’ll learn to read and analyze financial statements, use financial controls to meet business objectives, translate performance into financial terms, communicate with financial teams and take the guesswork out of critical decision-making.


The aim here is to equip you with a road-map and framework for how financial professional makes decisions. Every business opportunity needs to be analyzed and viewed with a financial lens in terms of profits & risks associated and the impact it has on the company’s financial statements. This programme focuses on these financial jargons and concepts which is a requisite in the corporate world. The non-finance executives can thus add a lot of value to their profile by being conversant with the essential principles of finance so that they are not only able to comprehend the financial jargons but are also able to relate their output to them.


Participants enrolling for this programme will be given a “Certificate of Participation” from MindCypress after successful completion of the course. This course is internationally valid and can be used with the CV for profile enhancement.

Intended Participants

Certification in Online Finance for Non-Finance Managers is useful for fresher, managers and professionals of diversified fields who would like to get introduced to the basic finance terminologies and concepts. It provides knowledge fortification & exposure to practical application, serving as an effective resume builder and ideal preparation for the current and future career.


Day 1 Day 2
The role of Finance Working Capital Management and the Cash Cycle
The Business Model Management Accounting and Decision Making
Understanding key Components of Financial Statements Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting for Organizations
Analyzing and Interpreting Financial Statements Capital Projects