Human Resource Analytics

Human Resource Analytics

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When going through the definition of the HR analytics then it is defined, “an approach for utilizing the data of human resource that is properly maintained by the firms for measuring the direct and indirect impact of the HR campaigns on the important business outcomes”. It helps the HRs in arriving at a meaningful insight and even understands the dynamics in the workforce.
HRs never relies on gut feelings or any sort of experience unlike before. One needs to base the decisions on real and accurate facts and figures. This has been proving in the addition of the values and even helps in improving the workforce resources utilization and deployment.
HR Analytics is a sector in the area of analytics that mainly refers to the application of the analytic processes and steps to the department of human resource of the firm in the hope of visualizing improvement in the employee’s performance and therefore getting good returns on the investments made.

Objectives of HR Analytics:

  • Using the predictive analytics for the HRs, they respond to the organized business in advance.
  • Helps in improving the performance of the organization using decisions related to better quality talents.
  • Optimize the talent supply chain and even increase the ROI on the talent.
  • Helping as the source of the competitive advantage for the organizations.
  • Proper execution of the business strategies.

Scope of this HR Analytics:

  • Manager- HR Systems
  • HR Analytics Specialist
  • Manager-Compensation & Workforce Analytics
  • Analytics, and Process Improvement
  • Director of Global HR Reporting and Analytics
  • Dir HR Metrics/Analytics
  • Sr. Consultant
  • Business Analyst HR Analytics

Course Index:

Day 1 Day 2

The Role of Analytics in Human Resource.

Forecasting budget numbers for HR cost.

An Overview of HR Regulations and Reporting Requirements.

Predictive modeling in HR.

Introduction to HRMS/HRIS.

HR measurement.

Analytics Tools and Techniques for HR Professionals.

Effectively Presenting HR Data

HR Analytics- Hands on Training. Predictive Analytics.

Case studies.

Creating business understanding for HR initiatives.

Practical Hands on Exercises.

Using the Analytics Process Model.

Course Pre-requisites:

HR analytics is mainly meant for the professionals who are looking after for learning the HR analytics skills and even benefits the students who are in search of the career in the HR Analytics. Anyone can easily enroll for this course as there is no pre-requisite. No prior analytic techniques or knowledge of stats is needed.

I was skeptical at first regarding the authenticity of the training but it turned out to be better than I had hoped for the instructor. Mr Promise was very patient and made the training that wold ordinarily be very exhaustive very enjoable I learn’t a lot

This program has been resourceful and hand on reality

The course was an eye opener for me .It really help me a lot to improve my understanding.

The course was insightful and presented in professional manner.the instructor was well versed with all the aspects of the course.Thank you for the well presented opportunity.

The training was very interesting and knowledgeable. My only wish was if we had more time but thankful to the trainer who promised us to provide any help whenever we can contact him.

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