Investment Banking Course

Investment Banking Course

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This Investment banking course contains a wider range of interesting subjects, that includes asset management, proprietary trading, risk management and the investment bank structure. This means that the participant will gain insight and deep knowledge of this important banking sector. The subjects are informative and contain illustrations and case studies, where needed to strengthen the discussions.

Course Offerings

  • E-learning Investment Banking course access with six – months validity
  • 4 days of online training with live examples and case studies.
  • Post-training support for 3 months.
  • Certificate of completion and certificate of excellence.

Limit Learning, Start Strategizing

Here at MindCypress, the Online Investment Banking Course gets an interactive dimension through live project exposure breaking the stereotypical classroom simulation.

The course covers a wide range of investment banking activities, and is supported by a large number of illustrations and case studies in each section of the course. There will be a number of technical discussions, but a stronger focus on the business of investment banking how it is presented in the real world.


The Course is Ideal for:

  • Finance professionals.
  • Investment professionals.
  • Treasury professionals.
  • Risk management professionals.
  • Operations professionals.
  • Accounting professionals.
  • Entry- to senior management level.
  • Corporations and financial institutions.

Career Benefits of this course

The career benefits are clear. You will be having competitive advantage over others by studying investment banking in detail. You will be prepared for the future expected changes, and will ensure you will grow even further in your career, or it may even assist in career change, after all, the participants have learned important subjects that will continue to exist for the decades to come. The course will help the professional to excel in the future ahead of those that have lacked the needed skills.

Course Outline:

Asset Management • Proprietary trading • Advisory services • Buy & sell side of investment banking • The early investment banking activities • The developments and current state of investment banking
The managing Asset Management • The asset classes offered in Asset management • Asset Management process • Case studies
Trading of all asset classes (instrument details discussed) • Technical analyses for trading • Fundamental analyses • Case studies
Corporate finance • Sales and trading • Research • Illustrations
Capital Markets • Equity financing • Debt financing • Underwriting • Balance sheet analysis (most commonly used ratios) • Case studies
Transaction execution • Inter-department transactions • Limitations • Process (including BPMN illustration covering front-to back) • Authorizations
Transaction review • Monitoring internal- and external limits • Reporting
Risk management policy • Limit management • Internal regulatory oversight
Regulatory review and reporting • Financial Reporting • Transaction validation and review • Regulatory ratios (LCR and NSFR)

Course Pre-requisites:

Although there is no pre-occupied eligibility requirements for Investment Banking, it is intended for those that wish to succeed in life. It fits most professions that are in the fields of finance, accounting, operational, IT and management. The subjects are relating to those professionals, and it’s not industry specific. The key criteria is, willing to learn and dedicate time to master it.

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