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    Cryptocurrency is a booming sector and a new alternative for the bank. The course is created keeping the focus on teaching you to trade Cryptocurrency for the short term and making profits. This is the best time to invest in Cryptocurrency, as the entire market has reached all time highs, both in value and greed. Get your hands on a complete Cryptocurrency & Excel dashboard to exercise a roadmap for your personal and financial success in Cryptocurrency.


  • Basics of Cryptocurrency Technology

  • Explains how the technology works and why it's so valuable

  • How to trade cryptocurrency on exchanges

  • What security measures should be taken into consideration while trading them

    Ideal for Professions:


    Anyone who wants to learn Cryptocurrency trading


    Anyone who wants to know what Cryptocurrency is and how it works


    Anyone who wants to learn Technical analysis


    Anyone who wants to buy and profit from Cryptocurrency ICOs


    Anyone wanting the best tactics for trading Cryptocurrency


    Anyone wanting to understand Bitcoin, Ethereum or Alt coins

    Course Curriculum

    •    Web 2.0 and Web 3.0        
    •     Why Blockchain is so important?        
    •     Introduction to Blockchain        
    •     Lab Simulation: Blockchain hands-on        
    Barter, Gold, Paper Gold, and Fiat Economy
    Some misconceptions about Bitcoin
    Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum
    How to create account on an Crypto Exchange Binance?
    How to maintain the security of your Crypto Exchange Account?
    Introduction to Tokens and Cryptocurrencies

    Career Benefits

  • Break down the changing administrative scene.
  • Investigate the troublesome power of changing installment strategies.
  • Figure out how present day speculation techniques send innovation to create ideal outcomes.
  • Determine the essential components of technology-driven financial strategies.
  • Gain more profound comprehension of robo-exhorting, crowdfunding, shared loaning, and blockchain.

    What Learners Are Saying

    Kennedy dogbey

    An interesting and exciting program really value adding given the interactive nature and practical session that highlight the essentials of Financial modeling and deep knowledge of accounting and finance etc

    Frederike Delali Hans

    The entire training was very valuable. The case study used during the presentation and training was absolutely valuable. The trainer was very knowledgeable in the field. Trainer student participation was very friendly.

    Nikhat Sheikh

    It was very informative and valuable workshop. The trainer has a good command over the material and has outstanding knowledge of the subject. He has been patient enough to listen our all queries and explain them in great details. Overall, the trainer was very well delivered.

    Frank Asamoah

    I have learnt a lot from the session and much grateful to the trained experience in teaching. The understanding the ‘modelling was good and with self study and practice: I can become one of the best in financial modeling analysis

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