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    Do you want to be successful and live life to the fullest? If the answer is yes, this course would be an ideal choice for you. It is an optimal selection for those in the field of finance, accounting, operational, IT and management. Investment Banking has subjects that relate to such professionals and is not bounded towards an industry, making it accessible for anyone. All you need is the will to learn and the dedication to master the art.


  • Check how investment banking has evolved.

  • Understanding the Finance department role

  • One may master the most widely used balance sheet ratios

  • Understanding Risk Management and risk measures used

  • Investment banking structure identifies the front- and middle office function

    Ideal for Professions:




    Senior Management


    Finance Department


    Risk Management Department


    IT Department


    Investment Department


    Finance Professionals


    Accounting Professionals


    Legal Profession


    Head and Senior Operations


    Head and Senior IT Professionals


    Investment Professionals


    Treasury- Front, middle and back office functions


    Undergraduate and Graduates with interest in banking

    Course Curriculum

    •     Asset Management
    •     Proprietary trading
    •     Advisory services
    •     Buy & sell side of investment banking 
    •     The early investment banking activities
    •     The developments and current state of investment banking
    •    The managing Asset Management
    •     The asset classes offered in Asset management
    •     Asset Management process
    •     Case studies
    •     Trading of all asset classes (instrument details discussed)
    •     Technical analyses for trading
    •     Fundamental analyses
    •     Case studies
    •     Corporate finance
    •     Sales and trading
    •     Research
    •     Illustrations
    •     Capital Markets
    •     Equity financing
    •     Debt financing
    •     Underwriting
    •     Balance sheet analysis (most commonly used ratios)
    •     Case studies
    •     Transaction execution
    •     Inter-department transactions
    •     Limitations
    •     Process (including BPMN illustration covering front-to back) 
    •     Authorizations
    •    Transaction review
    •     Monitoring internal- and external limits
    •     Reporting
    •     Risk management policy
    •     Limit management
    •     Internal regulatory oversight
    •     Regulatory review and reporting 
    •     Financial Reporting 
    •     Transaction validation and review 
    •     Regulatory ratios (LCR and NSFR)

    Career Benefits

  • Have an upper hand over others by studying Investment Banking.
  • Course ensures that you are ready to face the future challenges.
  • Excel in the future ahead of those that lack the required skills.
  • Be ahead of all!
  • Trading many assets classes
  • Learn fundamental and technical skills
  • Invest and make informed decisions
  • The processes required for asset management
  • Risk management
  • Investment banking structure
  • The various departments within investment banking

    What Learners Are Saying

    Kennedy dogbey

    An interesting and exciting program really value adding given the interactive nature and practical session that highlight the essentials of Financial modeling and deep knowledge of accounting and finance etc

    Frederike Delali Hans

    The entire training was very valuable. The case study used during the presentation and training was absolutely valuable. The trainer was very knowledgeable in the field. Trainer student participation was very friendly.

    Nikhat Sheikh

    It was very informative and valuable workshop. The trainer has a good command over the material and has outstanding knowledge of the subject. He has been patient enough to listen our all queries and explain them in great details. Overall, the trainer was very well delivered.

    Frank Asamoah

    I have learnt a lot from the session and much grateful to the trained experience in teaching. The understanding the ‘modelling was good and with self study and practice: I can become one of the best in financial modeling analysis

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    Investment banking course


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    Investment Banking

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    Best Investment Banking Course
    By taking this course, you can benefit by learning about the practical aspects of finance and investment banking, by learning how to value a company and how to construct a financial model, by enhancing your resume and job search, by improving your interview skills and by making you more marketable to investment banks and other financial institutions.
    You will be surprised how many differences there are between the finance that you learned in business school and how things are actually done in the real world of investment banking and finance.
    MindCypress provides an online certificate that can be accessed and used worldwide. This certificate holds no validity. Hence, can be used lifelong as per requirement.