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    Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Training is designed to deliver the fundamentals of supply chain management in detail. It is considered the most approachable source for organizations and providing great support to the customers. Logistics Training is mainly for a single organization whereas Supply Chain Training involves actions and improvements in processes collectively for one or more organizations.


  • Latest course curriculum.

  • Globally Recognized Certificate.

  • Highly qualified, experienced and Industry Experts Trainers.

  • Industry specific examples and case studies.

  • Designed by doing a lot of research and following global standards of content development.

  • Course Available in all 2 modes ( Online and Classroom).

    Ideal for Professions:


    Management Students


    Retail & Manufacturing executives


    Purchasing manager


    Any graduate


    Operations manager


    Supply chain manager


    Storage Distribution Manager


    Logisticians and logistics managers


    Domain: Operation, Sales, Customer Service


    Industry: Manufacturing, production, Transport, Shipping, Construction

    Course Curriculum

    • Concepts of Logistics    
    • Elements of Logistics    
    • P’s and R’s of Logistics    
    • Forms of Logistics Management    
    • Logistics Processes    
    • Logistics Intermediaries    
    • Logistics Issues and Challenges    
    • Integration with Other Business  Process  
    • Integrated Logistics
    • Supply Chain Basics
    • SCM Evolution
    • Supply Chain Strategy
    • Demand Management
    • Demand Forecasting
    • The Bullwhip Eject
    • SCOR Model
    • Global Supply Chain Management
    • Agile Supply Chain
    • Lean Supply Chain
    • Freight Logistics Strategy
    • Central Place Theory    
    • Impact of Product Characteristics    
    • Unit Load Concept    
    • Freight Transportation and Modes    
    • Freight Pricing    
    • Reducing Freight Costs
    • Introduction to Warehousing
    • Types of Warehouses
    • Warehouse Management System
    • Warehouse Operating Principles
    • Warehouse Design
    • Warehouse Location
    • Warehouse Layout
    • Qualitative Factor Rating Method
    • Planning Warehouse Distribution
    • Cross-Docking
    • Stock Keeping and Accounting
    • Material Handling Systems
    • Containerization
    • Automatic Warehousing
    • Materials Planning
    • Material Classification
    • Materials Planning Principles
    • Materials Planning and Forecasting Techniques
    • MRP (Material Requirements)
    • Other Planning Techniques(VMI, QR, CRP, etc.)
    • Inventory Management Basics
    • Inventory Classification
    • Inventory Management Models
    • Economic Order Quantity( EOQ)
    • ABC Inventory Planning
    • XYZ Analysis
    • Lead Time Management
    • Systems Approach
    • Resource-Based View Theory
    • Knowledge-based view (KBV)
    • Strategic Choice theory (SCT)
    • Principle Agency theory (PAT)
    • Systems theory (ST)
    • Transaction Cost Economics
    • Game Theory
    • Available-to-promise (ATP)
    • Theory of Constraints
    • What is Logistics Network Design
    • Design Issue and Data
    • Logistics Design
    • Logistics Planning
    • Logistics Costing
    • International Logistics
    • International Transaction Channels
    • International Distribution Channel
    • Deterministic Analytical Models
    • Stochastic Analytical Models
    • Economic Models
    • Simulation Models
    • Supply Chain Process View
    • Supply Chain Segmentation
    • Aggregate Planning
    • Planning Strategies
    • SCM Costing
    • Activity-based costing (ABC)
    • Target Costing
    • Sustainable SCM
    • Supply Chain Risk Management
    • CPM/PERT
    • Operations Research
    • Linear Programming
    • MRP and MRP II
    • ERP
    • JIT
    • Reports
    • Barcoding and Mobile Systems
    • Quality Basics
    • Service Quality
    • Quality Management Methods
    • Base Lining
    • Benchmarking
    • Value Analysis (VA/NVA)
    • TQM
    • PDCA
    • Six Sigma
    • Lean
    • 5S
    • Cause-and-Effect Diagram

    Career Benefits

  • Help building values
  • More employability options
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Global Recognition
  • Perfect Execution
  • Help building values

    What Learners Are Saying

    Kennedy dogbey

    An interesting and exciting program really value adding given the interactive nature and practical session that highlight the essentials of Financial modeling and deep knowledge of accounting and finance etc

    Frederike Delali Hans

    The entire training was very valuable. The case study used during the presentation and training was absolutely valuable. The trainer was very knowledgeable in the field. Trainer student participation was very friendly.

    Nikhat Sheikh

    It was very informative and valuable workshop. The trainer has a good command over the material and has outstanding knowledge of the subject. He has been patient enough to listen our all queries and explain them in great details. Overall, the trainer was very well delivered.

    Frank Asamoah

    I have learnt a lot from the session and much grateful to the trained experience in teaching. The understanding the ‘modelling was good and with self study and practice: I can become one of the best in financial modeling analysis

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    Sept 2022
    04th Sat
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    08:00 am to 02:00 pm GMT


    Nov 2021
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    19th Sat
    26th Sat
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    Exam & Certification

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    Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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    There is NO required classroom time in order to successfully complete the training course and become certified. This course provides you with the three distinctive services. The course can be taken through an eLearning portal, Live Virtual Classes along with Classroom. Since, the pandemic individuals prefer LVC and eLearning over classrooms.

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