Power BI

  • Data Visualization with analytics

  • Power Pivot for data modeling

  • Dashboard creation

  • Dynamic financial reports

  • Power Query for data transformation

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    Power BI is a business intelligence platform introduced by Microsoft in 2011. The self-service tool is used by non-technical business owners for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. Since, the tool has been gaining popularity over the years, it has become a need to understand the subject thoroughly and implement the same. MindCypress Certified Power BI course acts as a guide for those who want to learn and grow.


  • Latest course curriculum.

  • Globally Recognized Certificate.

  • Industry specific examples and case studies.

  • Highly qualified, experienced and Industry Experts Trainers.

  • Designed by doing a lot of research and following global standards of content development and accredited course syllabus.

  • Course Available in all 3 modes (E-learning, Online and Class room).

    Ideal for Professions:


    Data Analysts


    Finance Professionals


    Information Professionals


    Business Intelligence Professionals


    Any Power user of Excel who deal with large data sets

    Course Curriculum

    •     Overview of Microsoft Excel’s PowerPivot
    •     Importing Data from various sources i.e. Excel, Text, SQL Server, etc. 
    •     Creating Star-schema and Data models using Relationships
    •     Understanding Evaluation context, Row context
    •     Creating Calculated columns, Comparing with Measures
    •     Creating Auto calendars, Comparing Period Over Period growth
    •     Ranking over a Measure, Building KPIs
    •     Creating Hierarchies, Grouping Data, Dynamic Drilldowns 
    •     Building flexible reports using Cube formulas in Power Pivot
    •     Creating on-the-fly formulas using variables 
    •     Creating Disconnected tables, Slicers, Virtual Relationships
    •     Overview of Microsoft Excel’s PowerPivot
    •     Using DAX Studio for querying and creating custom tables 
    •     Creating dimension tables from fact tables using Power Query 
    •     Visualizing Data using Power View, Power Maps, Power BI 
    •     Creating Dashboards using custom visuals in Power BI 
    •     Cleaning, transforming, Reshaping data using Power Query 
    •     Combining multiple sources of data & consolidating using Power Query 
    •     Un-pivoting with multiple merged column headers 
    •     Creating dimension tables using Fact tables 
    •     Dynamic Top Product Analysis 
    •     Least Performance areas 
    •     Customer Analysis
    •     ABC Analysis 
    •     Time Patterns i.e. Period over Period Growth 
    •     Drill-downs at Parent Child levels
    •     Dynamic Segmentation 
    •     Bulk Sales 
    •     Moving Averages

    Career Benefits

  • Better Salary
  • Better Job Security
  • High demand for Power BI skilled professionals in the Market

    What Learners Are Saying

    Mahunsing Kartick

    This training is excellent for my future sales analysis. The recordings will be of great help where we missed something. I was astonished about the magic Power BI can do. A real powerful tool and PowerBI means its name. However, practice make perfect. Hope to hear from you very soon for a refresher course if needed. Thank you very much for all

    Jean Claude

    Mohamed is an extremely knowledgeable trainer. He not only clearly explained the technical aspects of the course, but also shared his personal experience on how these will help us in our daily working life. Even though he tried his best, the 3 days allocated to the training could be extended for 1 more day to allow for more examples & testing. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to my fellow managers

    Jordan Ramburn

    This Power BI use training was excellent in terms of information management and display of data in order to provide decision-making analysis. The training was a step-wised one where basics were first mastered being going through more advanced tools of the software. Recording of the training is a big plus for application training of the knowledge acquired. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested to move a step up in their analysis and career as a professional blending with analytic technology.

    Ludovic Desire

    Very good trainer

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    Hyatt Palm Spring ,CA

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    Nov 2021
    27th Sat
    Dec 2021
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    Jan 2021
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    Complete your course successfully and attain a “Certificate of Completion”. In order to obtain a “Certificate of Excellence” a mandatory online examination will be held by MindCypress.
    Yes, MindCypress offers a practice test that will challenge you on the basis of course knowledge.
    Yes, MindCypress provides a certificate that is recognized worldwide and can be used whenever required.
    MindCypress certificates hold a lifelong validity, without any conditions. Further, if you appear for an exam with any of the formal bodies, the validation of the certificate would depend solely upon the accreditation body.
    Power BI

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    Best Power BI Course

    MindCypress provides an online certificate that can be accessed and used worldwide. This certificate holds no validity. Hence, can be used lifelong as per requirement.

    An expert in Excel is eligible for this course. This Specialization is intended for anyone with an interest in data analysis and its applications in business decision-making.

    Yes, our goal is to give you tools that help you in navigating business data analyses of all kinds.