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    Scrum is the leading Agile framework today. It is used in most of the domains like software industry, marketing, sales, education, R&D, healthcare, etc. Since the world is rapidly changing at a high speed, so should we. Scrum helps in working as a teamwork model used for creating complex products. Enter the beautiful world of Scrum with this beginner’s course and simplify all your complex projects. There are a lot of great examples of implementing Scrum in real world and amazing tips and tricks for people who want to evaluate their Scrum knowledge through the PSM I exam.


  • E-learning Scrum course access with six – months validity.

  • 2 days online training with live examples and case studies.

  • Post training support for 3 months.

  • Certificate of completion and certificate of excellence.

    Ideal for Professions:


    Project Managers and Leaders


    Project Sponsors


    IT Managers and Executives


    Business Analysts






    Business Users


    Product Owners


    Scrum Masters


    All Scrum Practitioners


    Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Analysts, Product Managers, Testers, UI/UX Designers.

    Course Curriculum

    •     Cynefin Model
    •     Module Quiz 1
    •     Module Summary 1
    •     What is Agile?
    •     Module Quiz 2
    •     Module Summary 2
    •     What is Scrum?
    •     Module Quiz 3
    •     Module Summary 3
    •     Scrum Roles
    •     Module Quiz 4
    •     Module Summary 4
    •     Scrum Events
    •     Module Quiz 5
    •     Module Summary 5
    •     Scrum Artifacts
    •     Module Quiz 6
    •     Module Summary 6
    •     Complementary Concepts
    •     Module Quiz 7
    •     Module Summary 7
    •     Scrum Values
    •     Module Quiz 8
    •     Module Summary 8
    •     Estimation
    •     Module Quiz 9
    •     Module Summary 9
    •     Value Stream Pipeline
    •     Module Quiz 10
    •     Module Summary 10
    •     Scaled Scrum
    •     Module Quiz 11
    •     Module Summary 11
    •     PSM I Exam
    •     Module Quiz 12
    •     Module Summary 12

    Career Benefits

  • An absolute solution for anyone who wants to be a Scrum Master.
  • In demand qualification is increasing consistently.
  • Leading agile framework in the world.
  • Grow the ability to create relevance with the changing world.
  • Enhance skills for personal growth.

    What Learners Are Saying

    Mahunsing Kartick

    This training is excellent for my future sales analysis. The recordings will be of great help where we missed something. I was astonished about the magic Power BI can do. A real powerful tool and PowerBI means its name. However, practice make perfect. Hope to hear from you very soon for a refresher course if needed. Thank you very much for all

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Best Scrum Product Owner Course
    Certified Scrum Product Owner is a stepping stone to get started in project management.
    The Product Owner optimizes the product’s value to better suit the product vision.

    No, a Scrum Master is not suited to work as a Product Owner.