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Join the thousands of others who’ve completed this top-rated course and learned how to use Scrum. You can do this! This course is taught by a Scrum trainer who lives really in Scrum world. In this course, you learn to categorize projects based on their level of uncertainty. Then you will be familiar with Agile and Scrum history. In next step, we will dive into the three main categories of Scrum as Scrum Roles, Events, and Artifacts. The course will be followed by complementary concepts of Scrum. The spirit of Scrum, Scrum Values, will be navigated to learn what real Scrum means. Without them, Scrum would be a robot without heartbeat. Estimation is the next topic that we will investigate deeply. One of the most interesting topic in this course is Value Stream Pipeline which shows you what happens for a feature when it is requested by a customer for the first time, move through a pipeline until it is delivered to the initial customer again. We will talk a bit about scaled Scrum. Finally, we bring a lot of tips and tricks materials which help all candidates who want to pass the PSM I exam.

Course Offerings

  • E-learning Scrum course access with six – months validity
  • 2 days online training with live examples and case studies.
  • Post training support for 3 months.
  • Certificate of completion and certificate of excellence.

Limit Learning, Start Strategizing

Here at MindCypress, the Online Certified Scrum Master Course gets an interactive dimension through live project exposure breaking the stereotypical classroom simulation.

Elementary Scrum is a course by which you will learn Scrum foundation, theory, and practices. There are a lot of great examples of implementing Scrum in real world and amazing tips and tricks for people who want to evaluate their Scrum knowledge through the PSM I exam. As a Certified Scrum Master, you may motivate and lead your teammates. You will assist them and help the team work together smoothly. Hope you enjoy the course.


The Course is Ideal for:

  • Project Managers and Leads.
  • Project Sponsors.
  • IT Managers and Executives.
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers/Programmers.
  • Designers.
  • Business users
  • Product owners
  • Any Leaders using Scrum techniques who are not currently certified

Career Benefits of this course

Scrum is one of the most popular leading agile frameworks throughout the world. As a result, the demand of this qualification is increasing consistently among a bigger mass. To be an efficient scrum master, it offers extensive gateway and certainly it is a necessary tool for all the people who work in software industry. We live in a fast changing world, where we experience ample changes around us. Furthermore, we may grow the ability to create relevance with the changing world by enhancing the tool like scrum master.

 Scrum Course Outline:

  1. Cynefin Model
  2. What is Agile?
  3. What is Scrum?
  4. Scrum Roles
  5. Scrum Events
  6. Scrum Artifacts
  7. Complementary Concepts of Scrum
  8. Scrum Values
  9. Estimation
  10. Value Stream Pipeline
  11. Scaled Scrum
  12. PSM I Exam

Course Pre-requisites:

Although there is no pre-occupied eligibility requirements for certified scrum course, but the least intellect to understand the principles and working knowledge of the overall scrum process. You must understand the individual roles of product owner and development team.

It is very interesting course, which increase the knowledge curve of the Digital Marketing specially that the trainer has fully equipped of knowledge & experience.

The course is very much up-to date,meets the expectation.It was a great learning exp.The trainer has full knowledge of the subject.I have gained a lot which can be applied in any organisation.Thanks Mindcypress.

It was very informative and valuable workshop. The trainer has a good command over the material and has outstanding knowledge of the subject. He has been patient enough to listen our all queries and explain them in great details. Overall, the trainer was very well delivered.

A lot of benefit gained from the personal and vast experience of the instructor. I highly recommend attending the workshop presented by the instructor.

The Training is very exciting and very informative. Mr Roland as our trainer is very effective speaker in delivering every points of the topic. He is really accommodating in answering all the queries and each concerns.

Very Helpful presentation and very talented Trainer. Really useful classes and I would recommend others for Mindcypress workshops.

I have learned to use a lot of tools over four days. A lot of useful techniques were shared by the instructor.

The Trainer is very helpful and the examples he have taken is very relevant and training by Mindcypress is also organized very well.

The course content is valid in developing skills for today’s digital marketing world. I will recommend MindCypress and make plans to enroll for other courses.

Received More knowledge than expected. Really useful as a beginner. Interesting industry if used wisely. Will be connected to this as a freelancer and generate leads for organisation.

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