Aug 14, 2021

August 14,2021

12:30 PM-1:30 PM GMT

Duration: 1 hour

Opportunities for supply chain managers in a radically evolving environment

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become one of the most requested courses in recent years. SCM is an integral factor that determines the achievements of the operations used. MindCypress has successfully simplified the course for better understanding and learning experience.

Trainer Profile

Charles Dey has had over 40 years of operational, training, and consultancy experience across a wide field of local and global supply chain functions. High-performance and energetic leader with a wide range of operational and strategic experience in the supply chain and logistics aspects of international trade. I thrive in an environment of change and am quick to adapt without losing sight of strategic objectives. Whilst the technology used in ensuring organizational resilience and flexibility is important, I see humanity at the core of success. In this way, the successful harnessing of technology can only take place in an environment of constantly improving competency. Extensive involvement in occupationally directed contact training and online learning at both local and international levels equips me with the expertise to implement cost-effective, focused training interventions to address supply chain skills deficits.

Charles Dey


Kennedy dogbey

An interesting and exciting program really value adding given the interactive nature and practical session that highlight the essentials of Financial modeling and deep knowledge of accounting and finance etc

Frederike Delali Hans

The entire training was very valuable. The case study used during the presentation and training was absolutely valuable. The trainer was very knowledgeable in the field. Trainer student participation was very friendly.

Nikhat Sheikh

It was very informative and valuable workshop. The trainer has a good command over the material and has outstanding knowledge of the subject. He has been patient enough to listen our all queries and explain them in great details. Overall, the trainer was very well delivered.

Frank Asamoah

I have learnt a lot from the session and much grateful to the trained experience in teaching. The understanding the ‘modelling was good and with self study and practice: I can become one of the best in financial modeling analysis

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