Basics Of Organic Search Optimization In SEO

In the true and deep sense. Search engine optimization (SEO) increases your website�s visibility in the organic search results. If the basics of SEO are followed.

To get the proper visibility you must understand the three concepts:

  1. What kind of content is popular among people?
  2. What is the secret behind the search engine operations?
  3. How to promote and optimize your website according to SEO

As a search engine and technology is always growing. There are some basic principles that remain unchanged from the SEO perspectives. Digital Marketing courses include the basics of the organic search in the curriculum. So that students can understand them in a detailed manner.

While working with some experts in the SEO and search engines. We have written this blog to define SEO to dummies and aspiring SEO professionals and explain the relevance of SEO in today�s world.

Basics of Search engine optimization(SEO).

SEO basic # 1: Links

Without credible links, your search results are going nowhere because these links are one of Google�s key ranking factors and they still learn on the top priority list. Credible links are like your old friend, who has stuck in your thick and thin. Digital marketing training enables you to create credible links according to the requirement of the website.

Publish the case studies

Case studies are most widely read and it is one of the most natural ways to get people on your website. To create a case study, you need interesting data from the real-time projects carried out by your company. If your case study is interesting enough, bloggers competitors will start referring your case studies in their blog with the credits and you will start getting traffic to your website. Digital Marketing certification course by mindcypress starts with the basics of SEO from beginner to advance level.

SEO Basic # 2: Content

Remember the golden words, “Content is the King”. But a major ranking factor for getting on top of the search engine. As quality content is the simplest way to rank up at the top of the search engine page. It is a very common sense that interesting content can land a visitor on your website and keep the user engaged for hours. Google wants your website to produce fresh and quality content. So that which can provide value to readers.

SEO Basic # 3: Meta Titles Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the first things that a person sees while searching for your website on the search engine. You have to make sure that you are writing the perfect and optimized meta title and descriptions according to the keywords. Meta titles and descriptions should be readable and provide crux of the content in brief.

SEO Basic # 3: Technical SEO Basics

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing the website according to Google’s recommendations which makes the website easily scannable and indexable. With the help of technical SEO, you can easily access and interpret the website without any problem. Through Technical SEO we can specify a preferred domain. However, if a domain was selected. We can go ahead with the optimize robots.txt. Technical SEO is very much helpful in optimizing your URL structure. Through the breadcrumbs menu, you can easily implement structured Data Markup.

SEO Basic # 4: OnPage SEO

Onpage SEO is a major part of Search engine Optimization. It is a controllable factor that can be performed according to recommendations. In On Page SEO, Content is optimized according to the keywords and grammar. For this, we have to maintain the keyword density according to the length of the article, Sentence length, Inter-linking, and SEO title. Through conducting On-Page SEO, we conduct the interlinking with different structures. This mitigates the bounce rate and keeps readers reading the content from the same website.


Google has always been a pioneer in prioritizing the organic keywords and content as it is completely based upon the generic and organic testimonials. On the search engine result page. if the content is unique, informative and SEO optimized. Then ranking any website on the search engine is not a difficult task.