CompTIA-SY0-601-Security + Certification Instructor Led Online Training

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About the Course

The SY0-601 exam, the only exam necessary to obtain the Security+ certification, is prepared for through this fundamental CompTIA Security+ program.

The CompTIA Security+ certification attests to a deep level of understanding of cybersecurity and security best practices. It is necessary for IT security experts. It offers incredibly essential information on how to identify, stop, and resolve cybersecurity issues for non-IT professionals.

This CompTIA training by MindCypress can be used as a CompTIA reference tool for SY0-601 exam preparation, onboarding new project managers, individual or team training plans, or anybody who oversees a technical team.



  • Students should be able to operate Windows at a basic level and comprehend the fundamentals of networking and computers
  • Two years of security-focused IT administration expertise


Target Audience

  • System Administrators
  • Security Engineers and consultants
  • Network administrators


Outcome of the Course

  • Recognizing best practices for digital security
  • Identifying different security compromises
  • Installing, setting up, and implementing network security components
  • Evaluating and addressing organizational security problems
  • Recognizing the impact of network architecture and design on security

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Risk Management

Module 2: Cryptography

Module 3: Identity and Account Management

Module 4: Tools of the Trade

Module 5: Securing Individual Systems

Module 6: The Basic LAN

Module 7: Securing Wireless LAN’s

Module 8: Securing Public Servers

Module 9: Securing Dedicated Systems

Module 10: Physical Security

Module 11: Secure Protocols and Applications

Module 12: Testing Infrastructure

Module 13: Dealing with Incidents

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Certificate of Achievement

Complete your course successfully and attain a Certificate of Achievement.

  • Globally recognized
  • Lifetime Validity

Frequently Asked Questions

For people wishing to pursue a career in IT security, CompTIA Security+ is a widely recommended certification prep course. A well-known certification called Security+ has the support of companies like Netflix, Target, and Splunk.

Despite the fact that the goals of the two courses are similar, the Security+ SY0-601 focuses on the most recent developments in cybersecurity. It offers expanded coverage of managing architecture, hybrid networks, and reliance on cloud, as well as risk, compliance, incident response principles, and governance.

Drag and drop exercises and performance-based multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the CompTIA Security+ exam will test your ability to solve problems. Single- and multiple-response options are available for the multiple-choice questions.

After you pass the test, your CompTIA Security+ certificate will remain in effect for three years. A candidate's certificate is valid for three years if they pass the Security+ exam before the test is retired.

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