Investment Banking

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Course Overview

The great thing about the course is, it is intended for those that wish to succeed in life. It fits most professions that are in the fields of finance, accounting, operational, IT, and management. The subjects are relating to those professionals, and it’s not industry-specific. The key criteria are, willing to learn and dedicate time to master it.


Who should attend?

  • Finance professionals
  • Investment professionals
  • Treasury professionals
  • Risk management professionals
  • Operations professionals
  • Accounting professionals
  • Entry- to senior management level
  • Corporations and financial institutions


Why Investment Banking?

Peter has a 40+ plus years background in international banking, and has observed many changes since the early eighties till now. He wishes to bring his passion to the participant, so that they can thrive and reach their career goals.

This Investment banking course contains a wider range of interesting subjects, that includes asset management, proprietary trading, risk management and the investment bank structure. This means that the participant will gain insight and deep knowledge of this important banking sector. The subjects are informative and contain illustrations and case studies, where needed to strengthen the discussions.


The key benefits can be easily observed:

  • See how investment banking evolved
  • Introductions to investment banking, asset management and proprietary trading will help to start the basics
  • Learn to trade asset classes and funds, technical- and fundamental analysis are well explained making the participant ready for the next level. One will be able to manage your own funds or at a professional level.
  • Understand Risk Management and risk measures used
  • Investment banking structure identifies the front- and middle office function
  • You will learn and understand the Finance department role
  • You will master the most widely used balance sheet ratios
  • Learn about Advisory services in investment banking like underwriting and corporate finance


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Investment Banking

Module 2: Asset Management

Module 2: Proprietary Trading

Module 2: Advisory Services

Module 2: Buy- & Sell side

Module 2: Early Investment Banking Activities

Module 2: The Development & Current State of Investment Banking

Module 2: Asset Management

Module 2: Proprietary Trading

Module 2: Investment Banking Structure

Module 2: Risk Management

Module 2: Finance Department

Module 2: Advisory Services

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