AZ-104T00-A: Microsoft Azure Administrator Course Instructor Led Online Training

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About the Course

You may gain a thorough understanding of the complete administrative lifecycle in Azure systems through Azure Administrator training. You will learn how to maintain computing, storage, network, and security services in this Azure course. To pass the AZ-104 Azure Administrator test, sharpen your Azure Administrator abilities.


The prerequisite for learners is either a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree.

When enrolling in the Azure Administrator certification course, prior knowledge of PowerShell and the Command Line Interface is required. It's also a good idea to be familiar with networking, virtualization, operating systems, ARM templates, cloud infrastructure, and the Azure portal.

Target Audience

  • IT specialists wishing to work as Azure administrators
  • IT specialists getting ready for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam

Outcome of the Training

  • Become knowledgeable about setting up an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster
  • Activate the application's push notifications
  • Learn how to use Visual Studio to create Azure functions
  • How to implement singleton application instance handling code

Course Curriculum

Azure Active Directory

Users and Groups

Manage Azure Active Directory Identities

Subscriptions and Accounts

Azure Policy

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Manage Subscriptions and RBAC

Manage Governance via Azure Policy

Azure Resource Manager

Azure Portal and Cloud Shell

Azure PowerShell and CLI

ARM Templates

Manage Azure resources by Using the Azure Portal

Manage Azure resources by Using ARM Templates

Manage Azure resources by Using Azure PowerShell

Manage Azure resources by Using Azure CLI

Virtual Networks

IP Addressing

Network Security groups

Azure Firewall

Azure DNS

Lab : Implement Virtual Networking

VNet Peering

VPN Gateway Connections

ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN

Implement Intersite Connectivity

VNet Peering

VPN Gateway Connections

ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN

Implement Intersite Connectivity

Network Routing and Endpoints

Azure Load Balancer and Azure Application Gateway

Traffic Manager

Implement Traffic Management

Storage Accounts

Blob Storage

Storage Security

Azure Files and File Sync

Managing Storage

Manage Azure storage

Virtual Machine Planning

Creating Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Availability

Virtual Machine Extensions

Manage virtual machines

Azure App Service Plans

Azure App Service

Container Services

Azure Kubernetes Service

Implement Web Apps

Implement Azure Container Instances

Implement Azure Kubernetes Service

File and Folder Backups

Virtual Machine Backups

Azure Monitor

Azure Alerts

Log Analytics

Network Watcher

Implement Data Protection

Implement Monitoring

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Certificate of Achievement

Complete your course successfully and attain a Certificate of Achievement.

  • Globally recognized
  • Lifetime Validity

Frequently Asked Questions

You might study professions like Azure developer associate, Azure cloud architect, and Azure networking specialist, as well as become qualified for cloud administrator with the aid of an Azure Administrator certification.

In a cloud context, storage, governance, compute virtual networks, and identity are fundamentally the implementation, management, and monitoring responsibilities of an Azure administrator, according to Microsoft. They are accountable for sizing, provisioning, monitoring, and adjusting resources as needed. Gain the knowledge necessary to execute these duties by completing the Azure Administrator certification course offered by MindCypress.

Implementing, managing, and monitoring an organization's Azure infrastructure are skills professionals should have if they want to earn the Azure Administrator certification. They must be knowledgeable in managing Azure and its key services, workloads, security, and governance. It's also advised to be familiar with PowerShell, the Azure CLI, the Azure interface, and Azure Resource Manager templates.

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