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Anyone interested in mastering one of today's most important and fundamental digital abilities should pursue this specialization. One of the most frequently used types of software in offices around the world is spreadsheet software. Learning to use this program with assurance means enhancing your employability portfolio with a very useful asset. Every day, millions of job listings for positions that require Excel skills are posted in the United States alone.

Learners acquire excellent Excel Skills for Business with this specialization. After completing the courses in this specialization, students will be able to create complicated spreadsheets, including dashboards for business use, and execute difficult calculations utilizing Excels more advanced features and functions. The ability to manage enormous datasets successfully, extract useful information from datasets, present data, and extract information has been learned by learners. Also, students have mastered the abilities required to validate data, prevent spreadsheet errors, automate tasks, use complex formulas and conditional logic to aid in decision-making, and develop spreadsheets that assist with forecasting and modeling data.


An understanding of Excel

Target Audience

For people with a solid working understanding of Excel who want to advance to the most difficult functions and capabilities, our Advanced Excel course is appropriate.

Training Outcomes

  • Be able to enter, edit, and format data with ease using the Excel user interface.
  • To do calculations on data, use formulae and functions. Use functions to automate selections and data searches.
  • Evaluate the data and make the conclusions user-friendly. Make effective tables and charts for summarizing raw data.
  • Spreadsheets should be simple to use. Check data for accuracy and fix any mistakes. Make navigating huge workbooks easier.


Course Curriculum

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Certificate of Achievement

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Frequently Asked Questions

No prior knowledge is required from the learner. A basic understanding of Excel can be helpful.

Several professions use Excel to keep track of tasks or/and important information.

The Excel Skills for Business Specialization you complete will be a very important addition to your resume.

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