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Power BI is a group of tools, services, and connectors that combine to transform your disparate data sources into understandable insights. You will discover the fundamental ideas, abilities, and best practices for utilizing Power BI to carry out whole-process data analytics in this practical course. The course is intended for professionals using spreadsheet programmes like Excel or Google Sheets for basic analysis who are prepared to master more sophisticated tools that operate with larger, more robust data sets. We advise that in order to succeed in this course, you have a professional data skill set already in place as well as a degree or certificate that qualifies you for a position as a junior data analyst or marketing analyst.


Microsoft Excel

Target Audience

  • A novice data professional
  • Student, Academic, or Researcher
  • Business and data analysts, marketers, or financial analysts

Learning Outcomes

  • For business intelligence, connecting, importing, structuring, and transforming data
  • Creating reports, visualizing data, and scheduling automated report refresh
  • Making and distributing dashboards based on reports in Excel and Power BI desktop
  • Natural language search
  • The creation of real-time dashboards


Training Highlights

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Understand the concepts and applications of Data Analytics & Microsoft Business Intelligence



In this course, what exactly will I learn?

  • Choose and work with data sets that are relevant to business.
  • Prepare data for loading into a data model by importing it.
  • Determine the various categories of data visualizations and their function.
  • Build and distribute Power BI dashboards and reports that are fully functioning.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals that are interested in learning how to use Power BI but have never used it before
  • Individuals who wish to learn how to use Microsoft Power BI to analyze and display data
  • Those with little to no experience with data analysis and visualization
  • Business operations students
  • Any business owner who wants to know how their company is doing on a daily basis
  • Everyone who aspires to become an authority in Microsoft Power BI and Data Analytics

Course Curriculum

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