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Financial Modeling Overview

Financial modeling has become one of the must have skills in the industry. Due to the economic unpredictability and random upheavals, it has become very important to facilitate a strategy. Financial Modeling confirmation not just gives an individual an edge over his peers yet in addition sets him up to predict the patterns towards which the market is moving, subsequently working with his systems. Recently, it has come to notice that, the demand for Financial Modeling courses has been increasing day by day. Financial Modeling imparts adequate knowledge about financial documentation and its needs. It also lays an emphasis on gaining knowledge about financial statement preparations, the cash flow and return aspect, future investment and growth scope, valuation of assets in a said venture. It’s time to shape up your understanding to build a model with necessary assumptions that can thrive in the real world.


There is no prerequisite for this Specialization, making it perfect for workers, business owners, managers, consultants, and anyone else looking to improve their spreadsheet and modeling abilities. It is advised that you have a working knowledge of pre-calculus and high school math.

Target Audience

  • Investors in banks
  • Equity specialists
  • Chartered Accountants who operate in the M&A or corporate finance fields MBA finance and commerce grads
  • Professionals in the financial industry

Training Outcomes
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Model building and fine-tuning
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Nature Language Processing
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning

Course Curriculum

  • Excel as a Tool for Financial Modelling
  • Referencing & Excel Shortcuts for Financial Modeling
  • Building Layout for Scalable Financial Model
  • Building Growth Drivers for Revenue
  • Building Growth Drivers for Cost
  • Building Asset and Debt Schedule
  • Projecting P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Projecting Cash Flow Statement
  • Circular References in Cash and Interest
  • Analyzing Financial Statements with Ratios
  • Corporate Finance Concepts for Financial Modeling
  • Key Valuation Concepts
  • Valuation Using DCF and Comps
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Advanced Tools in Excel for Auditing Financial Models
  • Auditing Large Models and Complicated Formulas
  • Advanced Excel Functions to Create Flexible Financial Models
  • Using Index, Match and Offset Functions to create Flexible Models
  • Advanced Charting Techniques in Excel – Creating Football Field
  • Understanding Macros
  • Introduction to VBA for Financial Modeling
  • Recording Macros to Break Circular References
  • Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue Analysis –I
  • Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue Analysis –I I
  • Summarization, Q&A


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