Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising and How to Get Started

Social media marketing and management is a complex task, not only you have to develop the right message to attract the audience, but you have to ensure that your message is directly conveyed to the people in apt manner. There are many businesses that running their strategy on Facebook only maintaining it as their primary social marketing channel, but this might not be always the best choice for everyone. LinkedIn advertising has several unique advantages that keeps its class different from others. It completely depends on your business and marketing goals; LinkedIn can be your right channel to help your business to attract customers. Every social media strategy is different from other and on surface level, LinkedIn may seem similar to Facebook in the setup of advertising and opportunities. There are several advantages of LinkedIn network and some of them are as follows.

More Professional Audience

The most discussed and publicized difference between LinkedIn and other social media network is its audience. Users on LinkedIn are little bit older, educated and have high income in comparison to users on other social media channels. If you pool together in this demographic information, you will find the businessman and businesswoman in their late 20s who are graduate and earns more than $75000 per year. While on Facebook, you will find teenagers, senior citizens and some people with fake names and IDs. To enhance your skills in Digital Marketing domain and to keep a continuous check on your social media campaigns, you can undergo Digital Marketing course to understand everything in vivid manner. 

Narrow your targeting through industry specific filters

Advertising on social media completely depends on how you send message to your audience while targeting opportunities on the channel you choose. Facebook keeps it pride on interest based features and it cannot keep up the pace with more professional competitor when it comes to industry based factors. LinkedIn are very well equipped with job based variables like:

  • Job Title
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Company size
  • Company name
  • Skill
  • Degree

Because of these above mentioned targets, LinkedIn completely fits on the brand targeting and business customers. Digital marketing campaigns enable the marketing strategy towards a smooth flow and transition of the task in professional manner.

How to begin your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

The above mentioned benefits matter only when you actually develop LinkedIn marketing positions for your success. It also means to define your strategy, what actually you want to get out of the ads, what is your budget? Who is your audience and what is your specific and measurable marketing goal? All these question can easily be solved when you have a good Digital Marketing training. There are in total 6 basic steps to set up your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

  1. Create a company page
  2. Sign in to campaign manager account
  3. Select your ad format from sponsoring existing content to sponsored InMail
  4. Create your individual ads that are visually appealing and in multiple variations
  5. Choose your preferred target and set your budget
  6. Launch your campaign

After the successful launch of your campaign, you can use your campaign manager account to monitor your success of ads to make adjustments necessary.