Digital Marketing Course: 5 Best Tools for SEO for Driving B2B Growth

SEO is very important and its importance will be maintained as Google continues to bring changes regarding the process of evaluating the quality content so as to meet the needs of marketing strategy. With every update, SEO adapts and learns to maintain the website ranking well in the result pages of the search engine that is SERPS.

When you get well ranking for your website in the search results and you start building good marketing communications, it is much easy for the potential customers and even providing them a good audience for your uploads and even opens a great opportunity from the lead conversion into the customers. This is the case when your type of business is decided that is either it is B2B or B2B2C and you are done with online marketing analysis. Understanding the process in which the customer’s search will give you the pace to approach them at that particular time with the appropriate content so as to drive out the conversions and finally the revenue. In short, knowing customers and knowing the market, marketing analytics is handed over with a lot more responsibility.

The five best tools for SEO that we have got to analyze for the optimization of your site and finally drive the business development are:

1. Screaming frog:
This spider tool for SEO highlights the main issues with your particular site that must be known to you from an audit so as to optimize and improve the website. Having redundancy between the tools of the SEO means fewer errors will be left out. There exists a free version or can be said limited features and paid version with features that are extended. For later review, you can save the spider crawl and even can export the issue report individually in the CSV format.

2. Web Text Tool:
It is great for your on-page optimization grading. Insert the URL of the page and the keyword and the tool will provide you the percentage grade and will let you exactly the process that will help you in improving it. Try making changes in the tools themselves and will even export a word doc with the HTML either for supporting your new optimized content or even a PDF that highlights the actual look of your optimized page.

3. MOZ:
It provides you a tool that will help you with all the aspects of the strategies of SEO and optimization. With the use of this tool you can conduct the research of the keywords easily, keyword ranking gets easy, and even help you in completing the technical audits for your site.

Keyword Explorer: get the volume of the data and keywords search.
Open Site Explorer: to see the quality links so, dig into the back-links or spam that is hampering your rankings.
Pro Tip: To find the most relevant data, you can easily customize the keyword suggestions. Google always likes when answers are provided to the questions asked publicly.

4. Google Keyword Planner:
Always search for the related keywords with good search volume and for the AdWords campaign you can even get the specialized data. This tool is free to use and is even beneficial for the research data of the keywords.

5. SEO Power Suite
It is much similar to Moz and it allows you to take more effective steps to SEO. It helps you with the different components of the strategy of SEO tools. It is easy to use as you can extract details easily by using this tool. To have a complete look at your complete data, connect this tool to the AdWord and Google Analytics accounts.

You are holding a high ranking on the basis of your SEO strategy by using these well-equipped SEO tools. IN fact, using these tools you can easily confront and fix the errors in the minimum possible time. You can improve your overall links related to the profile, establish the domain authority, organic search optimization, and searching for perfect keywords suitable for the website and even your search campaign that you have paid.