Effective Twitter Marketing Tactics for better audience engagement

When it comes to microblogging, then Twitter marketing is the most popular site as it is the easiest way of initiating real-time and meaningful discussions and it is even an important customer service destination.
As per the study of Hubspot, of all the interactions, 92% of users account for link clicks with the tweets. This is a heavy bulk of the potential traffic that an individual can draw to their website and even blog via Twitter. There is much more data research that shows Twitter to be the most preferred one:

  • Around 42% of the users of Twitter land on this platform for getting information related to the services and products.
  • 19%of the users seek customer services using this platform.
  • 41% of the users of Twitter get connected to this platform for sharing their opinions regarding any particular issue.

Twitter is not only compulsory but it even holds terrific potential for audience research, branding, generation of leads, sales outreach, and marketing. But, again it all begins with organic engagement and exceptional content. Using proper social media management solutions and the right Twitter marketing tactics, the user can get more views, instant shares, and achieve the dreams on the particular platform.

Some of the tactics that one needs to follow are:

  • Limit your characters in the post:

Twitter appeals to its user to be a bit concise as it has its own character restrictions. Even then, 140 characters is a wide room for a bit lengthy sentence that can keep the viewers off. Think of trying to read the big lengthy paragraph on the hoardings while driving it in past. The research on Twitter highlights that shorter tweets attract audience engagement. So always try introducing punchy, short quips instead of boring long descriptions.

  • Carefully select the people you choose to follow:

If you are looking at the high-rank profiles in your respective niche on Twitter then, you will come to see that maximum of the owners follows large audience. So you get to know that it has been a long-term process of selecting and following people and initiate the process. You must be sure about whom to follow and who to avoid as the entire suggestions won’t work positively for you.

You can go through some of the steps to lessen your difficulties while moving ahead on the process of following:

  • Make searches on Twitter using the hashtags and keywords for finding the profiles that you can follow.
  • You can even consider the profiles that are suggested by Twitter. These suggestions are personalized based on the persons you follow and whom they follow.
  • The users can even use the tool Tweepi for following back the followers and even flush them who are not following you. This tool is beneficial as it helps in letting you know which app is more active and which is more likely to engage your profiles.
  • Try tweeting during the day and then optimize the tweet windows:

The best idea to go through and succeed through the social media platform is to catch the followers when they are active. On Twitter this time lots plays an important role, as top followers feed stay for a short time span. Select your time for maximizing the audience engagement to your brand of product or services. The intervals may vary from time to time and there may be chances when they can even overlap and this can be because of the general behavior of the audience.

  • When relevant, try sharing powerful visuals:

In many cases, images and visuals play an important role in engaging the audience and even helps in cutting down the text for expressing the view. Even, the images are more memorable, effective, and striking. But yes, adding images can turn out to be beneficial but proper and exact image selection is very important. Always try and better experiment with many different ratios before settling for anyone.

  • Engage with the community and then follow back: 

Personal engagement is a proper sign of respect and appreciation. Current customers and prospects are excited when a user gives proper time for interaction and it a platform where the customer engages with other customers by taking full interest in other’s personal and professional zones. This is the best way of cultivating relationships.

  • Properly research the hashtags:

If not properly used, hashtags can spoil your all effort. Simply using what is actually relevant to you is not a wise decision as the hashtag used can be either too broad or too narrow or overused. So, it is very important to go through a research process related to the hashtags. There are even more tactics that the user can work along for having a complete grip over Twitter like adding CTAs for tweeting the constructs. Words and phrases like a please retweet, follow, how to be a few of the suggestions that attract the readers and prepares them for further engagement.