How to Become an Email Marketing Specialist?

Email marketing specialist is somebody whose focal point is on email marketing as part of a broader digital marketing strategy. An email marketing professional is a digital marketer that pivots on building email lists; designs emails, and also nurtures leads through written correspondence.

Working on the following skills mentioned and explained below will help you through the most important basics of becoming a specialist in email marketing. If you’re capable of adopting and practicing these key fundamentals of being an email marketer, then you will certainly become an important contributor to any email marketing drive.

  1. Understanding Email marketing: Email marketing is an influential marketing channel, a type of digital marketing as well as, direct marketing that relies on emails to promote your business’s services or products. You can use email marketing to update your contacts, drive sales, and to build a brand image for your company.
  2. Know how to write striking subject lines: When it comes to writing splendid subject lines, the main challenge is how to be original, professional, and electrifying in one short column. Always be professional and always keep in mind your business undertaking.

    Be innovative: what you offer needs to be competitive, in nature but at the same time, also one step ahead. Follow best practices among competitors and sense how you can use proficient ideas in inventive ways.

    Should be Electrifying: Well excitement is one of the strongest feelings when it comes to shopping, so one should experiment new ideas around this model. Even if you are selling the same products as your competitors, you can certainly present and promote them in a more exciting way as this is the area where your creativity can truly stand out, so don’t be afraid to test with diverse ideas.
  3. Understanding the email marketing analytics: Understanding the email marketing analytics is a vital aspect of being an email marketing expert since it goes further than simply sending out emails or preparing content, but recognizing their fulfillment on the bigger picture of a campaign.Email marketing professionals not only understand what makes good quality content, but know what adds up to successful email marketing performance.
  4. What is copywriting Email marketing and how to practice it? Copywriting is the honest practice of writing words that you put in your emails. These comprise of your unique words in your body content and subject line. Copywriting is the text for some purpose in digital marketing written to prompt readers to take the desired action, like landing on a website or purchasing a product. However, copywriting has other roles too, such as creating blog content, writing ad copy, and other activities that support the company’s defined goals.

Email marketer career and salary

We have started the blog with a fair idea of what Email marketers do, now let’s look at their job responsibilities, career and salary. Email marketing specialists are responsible for building and running email marketing operations. Some of the responsibilities that this can involve are:

  • Aligning email promotions with key messaging
  • Organizing email lists
  • Proofreading & editing
  • Testing and alternating email content as needed
  • Optimizing email signups and participations
  • Segmenting email lists to optimize promotions
  • Supporting digital marketing performance
  • Setting up different automation workflows
  • Compiling information
  • Gathering understanding of the viewers
  • Promoting digital marketing campaigns
  • Trailing and studying campaign results

Coming to the salary part, as depending upon the many other jobs, in an industry Email marketer can expect a salary based on their experience and knowledge with respect to the industry. The salary of Email Marketing Specialists in the US varies from $29,050 to $120,460 with an average salary of $62,150. The middle 57% of Email Marketing Specialists makes between $62,150 and $81,490, with the top 86% making $120,460 according to a survey.

Email Marketing Tools for Beginners

Best tools for beginners in email marketing: Let’s take a look at both free and paid tools for beginners. Here’s the list of top free and paid email marketing tools & software’s:

  • HubSpot Email Marketing
  • Sendinblue
  • Sender
  • SendPulse
  • Omnisend
  • Mailchimp
  • Benchmark Email
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailerLite
  • Moosend
  • Drip

Conclusion: How to Market Your Business with Email Marketing?

Email marketing is still one of the pinnacles in marketing channels for businesses around the globe. Used properly, it can be an economical and efficient way to drive leads and sales, increase customer loyalty, grow brand engagement, promote events, to conduct research and to grow your fan base.

You can choose which email marketing campaigns service provider you will use as there are a lot to choose from, free and paid versions which have different interface and features. All have their own unique marketing tool spin and can provide you with additional marketing information. These software’s can help you in storing data, send personalized emails, create call to action emails, create quick to respond email design templates, send, create and help you track your campaigns.

Emails should be sent at regular intervals to build a high click through rate (but not that often as you are bombarding them with mails) and it’s an excellent idea to make tactics and strategies for the year so that you can sort out your planning and timings effectively for boosting email marketing around events and promotions.