Pros And Cons of A Career In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a set of methodical actions used to promote a business using digital methods such as webpages, SEO, automation, Social Media Marketing, social media adverts, and so on. In general, digital marketing is the process of discovering and serving the wants and desires of customers online. In recent years, the relevance of digital marketing in the context of any firm has grown, and most entrepreneurs regard internet marketing as a vital force for business promotion. A firm uses digital marketing to draw more customers by displaying advertisements, building a brand reputation through social media promotion, or providing them with deals or freebies.

Now let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing.


  • Companies rely on you to help them grow: The most exciting role in the digital marketing profession is a social media manager, solely responsible for deciding how the firm will carry out its marketing plan and which medium would best fit its promotion. Digital marketers are in high demand inside businesses right now since everyone understands the value of online marketing, and no firm can afford to ignore it. Working as a digital marketer provides you valuable insight into how various businesses operate. If you want to start your own business in the future, all of this information can be deadly.
  • Diverse Fields of Digital Marketing: Most of the young children you meet may not be brilliant in school, but when it comes to social media, they know all there is to know about Facebook or Instagram. It demonstrates their enthusiasm for a digital platform, demonstrating that persons with limited educational opportunities may nevertheless have a successful career in Digital Marketing. As a digital marketer, you may work as a Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Facebook Advertising Manager, Google Ads Manager, Landing Page Expert, and other positions.
  • You can work for various firms or as a freelancer: Another significant benefit of digital marketing is that you can work for many companies because most digital marketers work from home and if you are devoted and industrious, you may attempt this as well to improve your income level. You can also opt to work as a free bird working on your terms as a freelancer. There are several third-party service provider applications, such as Fiverr and Upwork, where you may register and find possibilities to work without limits while being paid generously.
  • You Can Teach Yourself Many Abilities: In most situations, developing digital marketing skills is a trial-and-error process whenever a new digital marketing program is released. All programs released may or may not be beneficial and can only get validated after testing, which you may do on your own. The majority of digital marketing applications are self-learning platforms.
  • Decent Earnings: The neat thing about digital marketing is that you do not have to rely on a steady source of salaried income because there are several avenues from which you may earn cash using your digital marketing talents. Along with working for a firm, you may try your hand as a freelancer, administer your website to provide services, or even create your digital marketing agency. The degree of compensation gets determined by hard labor and the caliber of your job, which improves with experience. There is proof that people make more than 30-40 lakhs annually, and a few freelancers even transcend this threshold.


  • It’s a time-consuming Process: The click-through rate for online marketing is barely 3-4 percent, and the same is true for Facebook advertisements. You have to wait a long time for things to begin to happen. Digital marketing results cannot happen in one or two days or weeks but require a lengthy effort. Even if someone is working in an SEO-related field, it is a time-consuming process that can take up to 6 months. However, this does not indicate that the result is not on the way, as it will undoubtedly appear if you have waited long enough and have addressed the suitable demographic.
  • It generates some bad public opinion: Most digital marketing techniques get carried out via social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which most users use for entertainment; yet, as digital marketers, we are meddling with their fun. As a result, many consumers consider digital marketers as spam or trolls intruding into their personal lives. Many individuals object to applications like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google collecting personal data and storing every single piece of information about them and deem this a violation of their privacy. In certain circumstances, targeting local populations can backfire on businesses, whitewashing their reputation rather than growing it.
  • You do not have complete control: As digital marketers, we must develop various concepts and advertising strategies, and every time we run an ad campaign, we attempt to optimize it to the best of our ability, but not everything goes as planned. A handful of our campaigns have a great ROI, whereas others do not connect with the target population. It is the essence of a digital marketing job; we cannot forecast victory but must work tirelessly to attain it. We can only prepare a marketing campaign, but its success is determined by how successfully it conveyed the message to the public.
  • Being a Digital Marketer Can Be Exhausting: As a digital marketer, you must constantly innovate since organizations want outstanding outcomes from you, and most of the time, thinking outside the box and coming up with some excellent ideas is challenging. Because of this constant pressure, you may become worried and, as a result, may disrupt your health, which is one of the most serious disadvantages of digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing campaigns are extremely simple to replicate: The most aggravating aspect of digital marketing is having your valuable idea copied by somebody else, which is all too frequent in the world of digital marketing. You may have noticed one corporation dealing with another’s an advertisement. This is also true in the area of digital marketing, where individuals are largely concerned with copying your concept and profiting from it.


I hope the above-discussed benefits and drawbacks of a profession in digital marketing help you grasp the area and determine for yourself whether it is right for you.