Significance of SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO is an inseparable part of the digital marketing and it is like a window to the external world for you and your business thoughts. Sales and marketing is all about showcasing your product to the right audience. Gone were the days when people used to visit the shops for buying the products, now people search on the internet engines for the requirements and if sellers are smart enough to showcase their product to the right audience, they sell their products very easily. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making web page easy to search over the search engine query which is known as keywords in SEO language. Every question, query and search on search engine is a keyword for it, and if the website is keyword optimized according to the product or service you are providing, your website will appear in the top results. Mentioned below are the various aspects of SEO which creates a complete bundle for good search results:


Content is the king for any website. When it comes to reader�s interest on any website, the reader want small and crisp details which are according to his requirement and we should remember that our content should be compelling enough to create interest for the reader so that he can read and further click on the other options from the menu.


Keywords are the search engine queries which are entered by user. For example, Thomas wants to buy a phone for his daughter on her 18th birthday. Thomas is searching for best phone to buy under 1000$ on search engine. For Thomas, it�s just a search, but for companies who are selling phones under 1000$, Thomas is a potential customer and their websites should be optimized enough to rank on the search engine. We will explain the website optimization in the next slide.

Optimized website

An optimized website according to the product/service you are providing works as a catalyst to increase your sales. Content on the website should match the keywords which you are targeting and your website is SEO friendly according to the search queries. But remember, not to use many keywords which can even blacklist your website from the results.

Meta Title and Description

Meta title is significant for your website search as reader on the search engine get to know about your website from the Meta title and description only. It should contain your keyword but in limited quantity as it is prone to blacklisting. Below mentioned is the example of Meta title and Description. 


If content is the king, then backlinks are the queen of SEO. Quality backlinks which are posting back to the website is the most essential point as it increases your website visitors. Create the best possible product website; try creating infographics and images which is HTMLised with your website link. These things will surely help to increase your generic traffic. SEO has become an integral part not only because it promotes, also because it helps you to stand out of the crowd and showcase your brand’s potential. For the new age companies and start ups SEO has turned out to be the boon which was cost effective as well as an easiest way of brand promotion.