Top 11 Digital Marketing Careers You Should Apply to in 2023

When the COVID-19 epidemic confined individuals to their houses, digital encounters were more popular than before the epidemic. As a result, digital marketing is expanding as well. By 2026, the worldwide digital advertising and marketing sector expects to be worth $786.2 billion, more than doubling in size in only six years. It includes digital advertising, SEO, blogging, social networking sites, influencer outreach, virtual activities, email, and mobile marketing, not to mention the field’s tremendous expansion in internet marketing, analysis, and other tech-driven sectors. The recent fast digitalization has only raised the demand for digital marketers. Companies are currently trying to locate competent and trained employees, particularly in light of the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting labor shortages.

Some of the best digital marketing career options are as follows:

SEO Specialist

A search engine optimization (SEO) expert guarantees that a company’s website and material appear prominently on search engine pages such as Google or Bing. They create SEO tactics to boost the exposure of their articles, drive traffic, and generate sales leads. They are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Keyword investigation
  • Trend analysis and material study
  • Content production and management
  • Optimization of URLs and backlinks
  • Enhancement of the customer experience
  • SEO research

There are two types of SEO professionals content specialists and technical SEO specialists. The former finds popular themes, produces content around them, and reuses material, while the latter builds backlinks, optimizes the webpage for better search results, and so on.

Email marketing manager

An email marketing manager manages excellent email campaigns on behalf of a company, guaranteeing strong and insightful customer interactions. Among their responsibilities are-

  • Developing and maintaining email databases
  • Effective email writing
  • Appeals to action creation and design (CTAs)
  • Establishing key performance indicators for email marketing (KPIs)
  • Performance evaluation
  • Increasing output

An email marketing manager should be conversant with email management programs like Constant Contact and Mailchimp, as well as other significant CRMs.

Content Editor

Editors are responsible for deciding what gets posted, whether textual, audio, or visual. A content editor evaluates and edits information to ensure it is appropriate for online publishing. For example, if they get a blog article, they will proofread it, check for factual problems, correct spelling, punctuation, and syntax, include hyperlinks, and so on. Audio editors will remove gaps, tune the sound, create intros and outros, and so on. For media content, video editors perform the same thing.

Content strategist

A content strategist is usually a writer who develops a long-term writing strategy that aligns with company objectives and client demands. Their daily tasks include:

  • Creating engaging content
  • Conducting competitor research
  • Publication, modification, and writing
  • Creating style guidelines and best practices
  • Conducting content evaluations
  • Collaboration with the SEO team to improve the content


A copywriter creates brief pieces of copy. A copywriter creates headings, billboards, marketing content, taglines, advertising, emails, video scripting, and so on, whereas a content writer develops long-form blog entries and case studies. They communicate stories concisely, capturing the audience’s eye. This position entails-

  • Understanding the target audience
  • Brief Interpretation
  • Writing straightforward text that is consistent with the brand voice
  • Creating a bold and distinct brand identity

Social media marketing manager

A social media marketing manager develops and manages a brand’s digital presence, style, and image using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of their primary roles include:

  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Creating content that is appropriate for each audience
  • Content creation and management
  • Reacting to social media comments and questions
  • Tracking viral trends and embracing them as needed
  • Measuring and optimizing marketing effectiveness

A social media marketing manager earns an average salary of $58,016 annually.

SEM Specialist

While an SEO professional concentrates on organic (free) search page ranking, a search engine marketing (SEM) specialist controls paid advertising achieving the same aim and strategizes advertisements across all browsers. These adverts might be text or graphic, based on the web browser or display network.

Content marketing manager

A content marketing manager is in charge of planning and managing content activities. While a typical content marketing manager may have the expertise of a writer or editor, this function is primarily about content strategy and team management. A content marketing manager must have three types of digital marketing skills:

  • Analytical abilities A content marketing manager must have a birds-eye perspective of the entire project. They must comprehend how the material performs per viewership, SEO, mail, and social networking sites.
  • Strategic abilities. Digital marketers must be thoroughly aware of their brand, the goods they provide, their target demographic, and so on.
  • Competence in content. While a content marketing manager may not be a writer or blogger, having an experience in content development allows them to direct their team.

Paid Media Specialist

Businesses are investing more in digital marketing. It’s no surprise that paid media requires an expert. However, it is critical to recognize that sponsored media encompasses more than just marketing. It also contains:

  • Finding advertising chances through newspapers and websites
  • Nurturing relationships with influencers for particular initiatives
  • Creating sponsorship opportunities for online events
  • Contests and outreach programs are get planned.
  • Combining online and outdoor activities to get better results
  • Performance evaluation and reassignment of money to successful campaigns

Data analyst

Data analysts are also marketing experts. A data analyst is required when dealing with the data generated by marketing efforts. They organize, investigate, and analyze internal and external data to increase the efficacy of a campaign. Their primary tasks include the following:

  • Obtaining the necessary information
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Designing dashboards, data visualizations, and progress reports for websites
  • Delivering lessons learned to business and marketing teams
  • Undertaking competitive analysis
  • Identifying ways to enhance ad campaigns

Digital Marketing Manager

The traditional generalist is the digital marketing manager. They design and manage digital marketing activities, delegating to professionals. In an organization that runs search engine campaigns for generating leads, the search engine marketing (SEM) professional will execute the event, while the digital marketing manager will be in charge of setting targets, assessing performance, optimizing outcomes, leading the SEM team, and so on.


India’s rapid expansion in the digital economy has prepared the way for the virtually endless potential of digital marketing. As a result, many businesses are eager to invest in the appropriate people with the necessary digital marketing skills. Critical thinking ability, market understanding, and current market trends are required skill sets that distinguish a prospectus applicant from the herd. The future of digital marketing appears to be highly promising.