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Are you looking for an Excel training for your professional growth. Financial Modeling course is a perfect option for you. There are lots of tutorials, workshops, lessons and training which can enhance your excel model through which it outlines the financial modeling courses. Financial Modeling Institute provides the training to the students at par, if you are looking for any kind of financial training then you can enroll for online or offline Excel Financial Modeling course. There are detailed description of the courses ranking according to the popularity and productivity. To become a world class financial analyst, you can enroll yourself for some of the courses like mentioned below.

Financial Modeling in Excel

The course is completely for the beginners which aim to develop the financial statements using formulas and statements in excel. You can create a financial forecast completely based on assumptions which uses the drivers to create an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow as per the regulations. The attendees can learn the important formulas and functions which are required to create a dynamic model.

Business Valuation Modeling

This course creates three statement models according to the plan and teaches student to maintain a discounted cash flow from the beginning. 


  • Calculation of trading multiple from the companies
  • Analyzing the transactions of the company
  • Calculation of the intrinsic value of a business

Sensitivity Analysis

This financial modeling course teaches the students about the sensitivity analysis into the DCF model. It aims to create the discrete scenarios and different cases of base, upside and downside. The best thing about the financial modeling is that it can be implemented anywhere you want to. Professionals who are trained and expertise in the financial modeling, are known for their accuracy and calculations for the balance sheets and cash flow statements. Financial Modeling Excel course calculates the data according to the given fields in the Financial Modeling Course. You can enroll for best financial modeling certification according to your plans and proceedings.