10 Amazing Human Resource Survey Questions

A human resource survey is a form of a questionnaire distributed to workers to get feedback and evaluations on topics like staff morale, staff satisfaction, and so on. Human resource surveys get used by HR supervisors and the Executive team to gather honest and open feedback from employees. It encourages employees to be candid, particularly when they know their suggestions will get implemented. Employee surveys are a vital component of employee feedback and an excellent way to communicate with personnel. It is not always possible to speak with every worker in a company, especially in large corporations. In such cases, digital human resource surveys serve as an effective substitute. Many firms perform human resource surveys either on a yearly or semi-yearly basis; however, based on your research topic, it is a good practice to do it more regularly or quarterly. Many companies pursue lengthy surveys once or twice a year, but those polls receive fewer replies. For a higher completion rate, keep them brief.

When conducting a human resource survey, you have several inquiries at your disposal. Determining what to ask and developing the correct flow of questions is critical to eliciting employee replies. The following are a few crucial questions to add to your human resource surveys, which get categorized into numerous HR areas.

Employee experience survey questions

Employee experience is the total of a staff’s interactions with a business from the moment they get hired until they leave. Employee experience surveys are critical for determining which aspects of your personnel processes require attention. The following questions should get included in a standard employee experience survey.

  • Were you happy with the info you received during your hiring?
  • How happy were you with the onboarding procedure?
  • Do you feel that workers in this business have equal opportunities for advancement?

Work Culture survey questions

Work culture is the collection of ideas, activities, attitudes, and ideals that define a company. It has an impact on employee engagement from the moment they get employed until the time they retire or leave the firm. A workplace culture survey gets undertaken to get feedback from employees on the company’s culture and how it can improve. It assesses how effectively a firm’s culture aligns with the ideals it promotes. The following questions should get included in a workplace culture survey.

  • Do you feel valued by your coworkers, bosses, and senior executives?
  • Is your manager giving you timely feedback on your assigned tasks?
  • As per you, how does this company define “excellence”?

Employee performance review survey questions.

During their tenure, a worker interacts with many other staff and coworkers. It is only reasonable that their opinion is taken into account throughout the performance review process. It is a comprehensive method of worker evaluation, and more and more firms are adopting 360-degree reviews. Now let us look at some team performance survey questions.

  • The staff keeps the client up to date on all changes.
  • I would be delighted to have the individual on my team.

Employee satisfaction survey questions

A staff satisfaction survey is a valuable tool used by human resource managers to determine how pleased workers are with their business. This survey informs executives about the sources of employee unhappiness so that appropriate steps may get made to increase workforce engagement. Include the following questions in your HR questionnaire for employees.

  • Do you have a firm grasp of the company’s strategic goals?
  • Is your team motivating you to accomplish your best?
  • Do you believe your team and management value you?

Management Evaluation Survey Questions

Management assessment surveys help learn how workers perceive the leadership or management team. The executive team determines the inspiring vision, goals, guidelines, etc. It has a crucial impact on employee satisfaction, efficiency, confidence, and intent to stay. Include the following questions in your management assessment survey.

  • How happy are you with your direct supervisor and their work?
  • How pleased are you with the company’s key direction?
  • How eager is the executive team to spend on staff learning and development programs?

Employee 360-degree review survey questions

A 360-degree employee performance evaluation questionnaire includes questions that help collect information from various shareholders within a business. This sort of questionnaire will assist you in gathering data from peers, coworkers, supervisors, and others to develop a complete picture of staff performance. These questions must get included in this survey.

  • The individual has the necessary abilities to perform their job.
  • Is the employee responsible for their errors?

Employee motivation survey questions

There are several strategies to enhance employee enthusiasm, and completing employee motivation surveys is one of them. You may track and assess employee motivation and obtain suggestions on enhancement of it through online employee surveys. An employee motivation survey should include the following crucial questions.

  • My colleagues and others realize and appreciate what I bring to the table.
  • When I am at work, I frequently fail to notice how fast the day has passed.

Employee exit survey questions

Staff exit questionnaires are an excellent method to learn why your workers are leaving your company. What is vital here is that you must ask the appropriate questions to obtain the correct answers. Your questionnaire will be useless if you don’t ask the appropriate questions. Let’s look at some of the most crucial exit interview questions.

  • To catch up, my boss arranged frequent team and one-on-one sessions.
  • My company supplied me with several employee advantages.
  • I was able to express my ideas and concerns inside the group.

Company communications evaluation survey questions

Honest and regular communication is critical to the smooth operation of any company, whether external or internal. Both are equally vital; external relationships may be with clients, suppliers, etc., while internal relationships could be with colleagues, managers, executives, etc. All the following components must get considered while planning and executing such a poll. A few crucial questions which you can include in your Company communications evaluation survey are listed below.

  • How pleased are you with the way connections work at your company?
  • How would you characterize communication inside your organization?

Employee engagement survey questions

An employee engagement survey determines how valuable your workers feel in the organization. It is critical to monitor it to evaluate whether or not your staff is satisfied and how long they want to stay with the firm. A staff engagement survey asks questions to determine the level of involvement in the company. A few crucial questions which you can include in your employee engagement survey are listed below.

  • Do you believe the employee assessment procedure is fair?
  • Do you believe your teammates are open to your ideas?


Human resource surveys enable firms to focus on critical employee characteristics such as workplace culture, talent management, employee engagement, employee experience, staff happiness, worker productivity, and so on. After going over all the above questions, you should have a good concept of what a perfect human resource survey should look like.