Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2023: Is the Certification Worth It?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular cloud service platforms used around the world. Cloud-based technology came into hype especially during the pandemic as it increased the need to transfer data regularly. Cloud computing has changed the dimensions of a workflow, it has made it easier for the employees to get on-demand deliveries over the internet. If you are unsure about pursuing the AWS training and certification then, by the end of this blog you will be sure about it.

Amazon Web Services is a complex server that requires a thorough understanding of the technology. Organizations need an AWS Certified Developer to evolve and maintain an AWS-based application.

Let us start with some basics, shall we?

What is Cloud?

The server, software, or databases that can be accessed online are known as the Cloud. Cloud servers are located in data centers over the world. By using cloud computing, users and companies don’t have to manage physical servers on their own. There are three types of cloud service models that are used daily. They are:

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – In this model, an organization rents the servers and storage that they need from a cloud service provider. Further, utilizing the already given cloud infrastructure to build their applications.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – In this model, companies don’t pay for hosting applications, instead they pay for the things that are needed to build their applications.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – In this model, applications are hosted on cloud servers and users can access them over the internet.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud service platform that offers organizational tools like compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other cloud service models to help the business grow. It provides a mixed infrastructure for your applications, as a service.

All over the world, AWS technology is implemented at various server farms and is maintained by Amazon. The cloud has 90 different kinds of services and you get charged on an hourly plan, according to the services needed and bought.

Amazon ensures the management and maintenance of the entire infrastructure, as it first started for its internal purposes. It was launched in 2004 but, did not gain popularity until 2006. They were one of the first cloud service providers to introduce pay-as-you-go services.

AWS Certified Developer

An Aws Certified Developer has been one of the highly demanded professionals in the world. With the increase in usage of artificial intelligence, organizations want to use automation processes that lead towards saving time and money. AWS Certified Developer will act as the guide that manages, maintains, and upgrades the server according to the requirements.

An individual requires to have hands-on experience of about one or more years to pursue the official exam by Amazon. They should have in-depth knowledge about a minimum of one programming language, along with a thorough understanding of Amazon Web services and the factors involved.

There are a few conditions listed on the AWS website that can be fulfilled before appearing for the examination. It is recommended that you complete an AWS training and certification to gain the experience required.

Is an AWS Certification worth it?

If you are wondering, can AWS Certification and training help you boost your career then the simple answer is yes? It is worth it! Here is why you should consider becoming a certified AWS developer:

Proof of Knowledge- AWS training and certification validates that you have acquired the knowledge and skills to become an expert professional. A business needs to hire employees who understand the workflow and can face challenges without creating panic.

Increased Confidence- Every organization looks for someone capable of getting the work done, the certification acts as proof and showcases your potential. It helps boost your confidence during the interview and makes the employer believe you are the right candidate.

Showcase your Commitment- The certification helps in letting the employer know of your experience. It can be used as a tool to portray the amount of time dedicated to becoming an expert. It also helps in showcasing the problem-solving tactics you used and if you have gained the necessary practical knowledge.


AWS is a rapidly growing platform that asks for time and attention, to become a perfectionist. Now that you have a fair idea about AWS training and certification, it will be easier for you to make the choice. If you are an IT Professional, then becoming an AWS Certified Developer will be your first step towards success.