Job Seeker to Job Generator: to be or not to be

Shakespeare’s well-known creation Hamlet raised a famous question of dilemma in the mind of the readers. The protagonist of the play is indecisive between his heart and brain and he asks, To be or Not To Be, That is the question. Maybe, he was indecisive because he didn’t have the internet at that time. Jokes apart, this concern is in mind of the most of the young generation who are getting a university education and after their degree or diploma, their conflict between mind and heart always meddles the situation.

Most of us are confused about whether to be a Job Seeker or to create an Enterprise of our own. While looking at the Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, we always think of the beginning of our own Enterprise, or by looking at Tim Cook or Satya Nadella, we think to become a successful employee after some time.

But, there is a catch here, in both conditions; we have to be skilled and knowledgeable. No one asks your percentile or grade in University when you are successful. Everyone looks for the idea and creation which you are generating.

Nowadays, Digital Marketing has emerged out to be the best skill which you can generate. Here we have classified Digital Marketing as a Skill because it cannot be learned or passed on it can only be understood and practiced to become a perfect day today.

There are various Online Digital Marketing courses that are available with certification which will certainly help you stand out in the crowd. Another positive aspect of Digital Marketing expertise is that you can start your enterprise of your own with the help of minimum investment and inventory.

To explain further, we can cite an example of the famous quote from the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. In a scene, Jordan Belfort asks his friend on the bar table, ‘Sell me this Pen’ and his friend was bamboozled in the beginning. But if I am a sales or marketing guy skilled in Digital Marketing, I won’t take more than 10 minutes to post the features of the pen and the major part is played here with the help of various filters which are available on Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics. I will simply select my audience according to their age, demography, preferences, gender, likes, and personalities they follow on social media.

In a nutshell, Digital Marketing empowers us to perform better as per the requirements of the audience and we can keep a check on our campaigns remotely from any part of the world.

The best thing about Digital Marketing Enterprise is that it doesn’t need a complete workforce in the beginning. You can begin your brand promotion with the help of various online tools like Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Facebook Advertising and Online classified advertisements.