Become industry friendly with Project Management Professional Course

An organization needs competence, skills, and experience day to day. To manage individual projects. sometimes it could be difficult for all to work in synthesis and competence. To oversee the employee with strict constraints to achieve the goals require skills and that too with a conventional approach. Project Management Professional Course Certification ensures the development of an individual as well as the organization for self-Sustenance.

Project Management Certification or PMP continually follows the proven framework and methodology that self-learned managers cannot do. PMP Certification can help organizations save time, money, and wasted effort on unproductive tasks.

Why Project Management is Important?

Project Management professional is the course for professional exposure to the duties and responsibilities of a project manager. The abilities of a project manager are compiled and executed to provide the best practices in project management through on-the-job training and professional certification. These kinds of training are necessary for developing a fast-paced workplace.

Through a project management course, you will have professional exposure to the duties of a project manager which will enhance your career growth to a wider level. Through professional certifications, one can set a benchmark in the recognized practices of project management recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to manage projects. PMP certification cost is a one-time investment for the professionals and the trained professionals can easily get a good job.

PMP Certification is perfect for those professionals who want to excel in their careers.


Salary Boost

A certified associate in project management earns more than any other professional. The best thing about the PMP certificate holders is the dramatic hike in salary after their PMP certification. PMP certified professionals earn 17% more in comparison to non-certified professionals. According to the survey, the project management certification salary released in July 2017, PMP certified professionals earned a median salary of $111,969/ annul in the United States.

Internationally accredited

PMP certification is for those who want to work with freedom with the best credential and reputation which are recognized and sought. Through PMP certification, you can demonstrate your skills and expertise to provide the best solution to your employers. The global approach of PMP certification is getting wider day by day as most brands are getting global and looking for more professionals who can handle the day-to-day tasks of the collective managers in a group.

Markets reach and scope expansion

PMP-certified professionals are completely global and they are known for their knit community. If you are a PMP professional, then your network will be wide and you will be getting more job opportunities in comparison to the other professionals. Agile project management certification creates more job opportunities for skilled professionals.

Better Performance

PMP professionals create a benchmark and the project managers who are not PMP certified, are less efficient and less paid than the PMP professionals. The standards of the exam are very high and the PMP professionals are very well versed in the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and complete control over the tasks. The task of all the PMP experts is to take the organization and its employees to a higher level where it has never been to. The PMP exam pattern is itself a task for an individual to perform and the complete exam depends upon the projects he has undertaken.

Job Security

PMP professionals are immune to layoffs and downsizing. 80% of the executives believe that PMP certification creates a professional competition which makes certificate holders an asset for the organization. During the recession period. PMP professionals are much required for the organization. PMP Certification is all about providing a safe and secure job that can last for a longer period of time for an individual.

Most noteworthy Points to remember before applying for the PMP course.

PMP Certification is a management certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMP). As there are many organizations providing certifications, PMP is considered highly esteemed and respected for a manager.


PMP certification eligibility

The reasons behind most of the individuals search for the PMP Meaning and end up getting more confusing statements. PMP certifications are most searched by professionals maybe because only highly knowledgeable and experienced managers can earn them. There are other frameworks like PRINCE 2.

The PMP exam has some strict prerequisites completely depending upon the candidate’s existing qualifications, global accreditation of PMP and acceptance among the globe are:

  • A four years bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • The candidates who are appearing for the PMP examination must have three years of unique project management experience.
  • must have spent 4500 hours leading a project.
  • must have at least 35 contact hours of project management education.

In short, even qualifying for the PMP exam is a task itself and the process requires hours of documentation that the candidate has spent in managing projects.

Project Management Certification Online

According to the above-mentioned criteria, anyone can prepare for project management certification online and take the exam. As it is not possible to appear for PMP Certification online. But preparation opportunities are available. Many organizations conduct in-house and workshop training for individuals. Professionals interested in professional certification, they can enroll themselves in the project management certification.

Project Management Certification Cost

The application process for PMP® certification is simple. Certainly, One should meet the eligibility criteria before you apply. The cost of the application is $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. PMP Management Training costs you one time. But the long-term benefit of being a PMP certified professional can fetch you a good salary in the industry.


Project management certification is considered to be an advantage for the organization as well as the individual. The project management professional works as a one for all teams and saves ample cost related to petty issues. The project management professional course certification test requires 35 PDU hours of training necessary to take the PMP examination. Industries are opening scope for the PMP professionals. Due to this, there are new jobs in the globalized world. One can enroll yourself for a PMP examination. However, Obtaining the 35 PDU hours of training and fair knowledge of your project management skills.

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