The Complete Guide to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Online and How it Can Help You Become a Better Leader!

Let’s start with the origin and importance of Six Sigma Green Belt Training? Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques for process improvement. In 1986, Six Sigma was started by an American engineer Bill Smith while he was employed at Motorola to assess defects and improve overall quality. This was the idea behind the introduction of Six Sigma.

This idea still forms the core of this methodology with a few more add-ons. General Electric (GE) was the first to use Six Sigma to improve the quality of the product and cut wastage. The term “Six Sigma” is extracted from statistics, especially from the field of statistical quality control, which evaluates the potential of a process. Today, companies globally make use of Six Sigma techniques and tools for the betterment of processes, which aids them; in bringing out required changes in the organization.

Six Sigma, has two methodologies, which are DMADV or DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) and DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control model) helps in improving the processes that are in sync with the enterprise while the DFSS is used to create new process or product designs.

Now let’s talk about how “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” is applied to improve the business processes. Different organizations use the Six Sigma green belt to reduce errors in their business processes. You can grow the potential of decision-making, statistical-driven, and data-based problem-solving skills to study your business in a flawless way. You can gain the skills to analyze, explore and solve management troubles with LSSGB moreover; you can boost up your project management and leadership skills.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification provides the ideal groundwork for someone who wants to stand out in a process oriented organization. It also provides individuals with knowledge and insight on practical aspects. LSSGB course can help you to become a better leader by giving you the knowledge and skills in the following leadership topics:

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Innovative and analytical thinking
  • Social influence and leadership abilities
  • Ideation, reasoning and execution of various functions
  • Complex problem-solving abilities

What are the Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

  1. Increase in revenue: By cutting wastage and enhancing the quality of production, Lean Six Sigma reduces expenses and as a result enhances profitability for companies. In a published report GE (General Electric) made profits over and above $2 billion by implementing Lean Six Sigma.
  2. Reducing errors: With simplification in processes and studying the main causes of errors and wastage in organizations, Lean Six Sigma cuts down miscalculations, errors and defects
  3. Standardization and simplification of processes: By following value stream mapping Lean Six Sigma cuts down wastage and unessential steps resulting in efficient production. Processes get simple, are easier to follow and are less likely to lead to error. They also cut down costs on operating expenses.
  4. Customer satisfaction: Lean Six Sigma allows companies for the betterment of processes and quality of their products, resulting in improved products at a lesser cost to the end-user. Thus boosting consumer loyalty to the company.
  5. Employee Performance: Lean Six Sigma gives emphasis on and values ideas and performance of individual employees to overall achievement and success in an organization resulting in an increase in the feeling of self worthiness of employees and thus inspiring them to perform better.
  6. Individuals going for the certifications gain lots of added advantages like Excellent salary structure, Career advancement benefits, Helps them in Nurturing  Leadership and Managerial Abilities, Ensure Compliance, Improve Business Processes and Sustain Quality, Applicability across Industries etc.

How to Choose the Best Six Sigma Training Course for You?

Yellow and White belt – This certification course will provide knowledge about the basics of the six sigma methodologies. Six Sigma Yellow and White Belt are the basic level of certifications. Yellow and White Belts can assist with change in management and can participate in local problem-solving teams supporting projects within an organization. It does not add a great value, so one can always skip this certification as the basics are covered in a green belt too.

Six Sigma Green Belt – The focus of Six Sigma is on the end product and the customer, whereas Lean Six Sigma focuses on waste and production methods.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – This course is appropriate for both beginners and experienced as it covers the basics and the details about how to apply, the tools and the techniques. Lean Six Sigma provides the ideal structure which aids in continuous Improvement of processes. A significant role in these business development initiatives lies with Lean Six Sigma Green Belts. They are involved in enhancing day to day processes and are also important in forming and maintaining the mindset of an improvement culture.

Six Sigma Black Belt – This is an advanced course appropriate only for those who have a broader experience and are required for a greater support to solve more multifaceted problems in the organization. 

Therefore in my opinion a lean six sigma green belt course will do the righteousness for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Conclusion: Why and Which Online Course To Invest in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for process improvement. It is a structured, data-driven approach to eliminate waste and reduce cost in any given process. Lean Six Sigma training courses are designed to provide an understanding of the tools and techniques required for Lean Six Sigma projects.

When it comes to lean six sigma green belt certification, there are many different views. Some think it is worth it because the certification can open up a lot of doors, while others think that the time and money spent on the certification may not be worth it. There are pros and cons to this debate, but ultimately only you can decide if this is a course that you need or want to take.

At, we have expert trainers who have delivered 100+ batches of lean six sigma green belt training and black belt training. We provide the training in all three modes including classroom training, live virtual classes and online learning format. All the courses are delivered by experienced instructors. If you would like to enquire about lean six sigma green belt certification  classroom training by MindCypress, feel free to message our support team. If you would like to enroll for a lean six sigma green belt e-learning course, enroll here.