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Course Overview

The course focuses on preparing professionals to administer systems of workforce, costs, and information associated in delivering products or services from supplier to customer. Where in logistics course cover setting up the deliverance process, while minimizing costs. The course and career in Supply Chain Management is usually associated with working in large organizations, smaller companies and start-ups.

The course is designed to provide you with career opportunities for entry into multiple industries, from primary production and manufacturing to distribution, shipping, and retailing in which job functions are related to but not limited to procurement and supplies, operations and material handling, freight transport and forwarding, distribution and warehousing.


A brief description of some of the topics that you will learn:

  • Role of Supply Chain Management in the Organisation: Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of the stream of supplies and services and includes all the levels of processes that transform raw materials into final goods.
  • Supply Chain and General Business Strategy alignment: SCM asks for a sense of balance between a well-organized and approachable strategy. Two of the main supply chain strategies found in business is lean and agile.
  • Warehousing Strategy for Efficient Supply Chain Management: here it is explained that the goal is to save cost and make the most of profit by optimizing the processes and stages in the supply chain ex: logistics operations, inventory management and warehousing stages.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Role of Supply Chain Management in the Organisation

Module 02: Supply Chain and General Business Strategy alignment

Module 03: Warehousing Strategy for Efficient Supply Chain Management

Module 04: Inventory Management for Supply Chain Effectiveness

Module 05: Strategic Logistics Alliances

Module 06: Efficient Transportation & Customer Service Goals

Module 07: SCM Developments & Strategy

Module 08: SCM Quality Management

Module 09: SCM Performance Measurement

Module 10: Information Technology (IT) for Supply Chain Management

Module 11: Global Supply Chains and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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