PL-100T00: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Instructor Led Online Training

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This route includes Microsoft Power Platform App Builder certification goals (PL-100).

Applicants for this exam are competent to use data and comprehend the problems that their firm needs to solve. Using the necessary procedures and app experiences, they may use this information to conceive, deconstruct, and automate jobs and processes for their team and organization. The candidate is able to work independently, doesn't necessarily need formal IT training, but is at ease using technology to develop business solutions. The ability to use features of Power Platform apps as well as other apps like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 apps and services, and other third-party solutions is essential, as is being an advocate for Power Platform solutions.



  • User experience design, process analysis, requirements analysis, and fundamental data modeling skills.
  • A commitment to personal development and comfort with using technology to address issues in the workplace.
  • An awareness of the operational requirement and vision of the intended result. They employ iterative and staged approaches to solving challenges.

Target Audience

  • Business users, power users, and aspiring developers who are interested in developing unique business applications with the Microsoft Power Platform would be the target audience for the PL-100T00: Microsoft Power Platform App Builder training.
  • The Microsoft Power Platform's current features are probably familiar to prospective students, who are interested in learning how to use the app maker to build bespoke apps and expand existing platforms to suit the unique requirements of their enterprises.
  • Training is appropriate for people with fundamental knowledge of application development, and it would be helpful for those who are familiar with the Power Platform.

Learning outcomes

  • Make model-driven and canvas apps
  • Power Automate flow creation
  • Create enterprise applications for the Power Platform.
  • Microsoft Dataverse configuration (the new name for the Common Data Service - CDS)
  • Analyze data, display it graphically, and produce Power BI reports
  • Explain the models in AI Builder


Course Curriculum

  • This module introduces you to Microsoft Power Platform. Learn the components of Power Platform and the value of using it to create business solutions.
  • This module introduces you to creating a model-driven app in Power Apps that uses Microsoft Data verse.
  • This module introduces you to canvas Power Apps, helps you create and customize an app, and then manage and distribute it. This module will also focus on how to provide the best app navigation, and build the best UI using themes, icons, images, personalization, different form factors, and controls.
  • This module introduces you to Power Automate, teaches you how to build workflows, and how to administer flows.
  • Learn what Power BI is, including its building blocks and how they work together.
  • This module helps you build an AI model from the beginning and shows how you can use it in your business without writing a single line of code. This module also helps you create a Chabot with Power Virtual Agents for Teams

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Certificate of Achievement

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  • Lifetime Validity

Frequently Asked Questions

The Microsoft Power Platform App Creator PL-100 certification is valid for two years after passing the exam. If the PL-100 course is updated, students will need to be certified in the most recent edition in order to maintain the validity of their certificates.

The following items will be provided to you as part of your PL-100 certification training: 

  • A copy of the Microsoft Power Platform App Builder PL-100 course materials created by SMEs
  • Get a PL-100 Course Completion Certificate and gain access to practical lab sessions
  • Activities created by the instructor

In today's company environment, which is fully embracing digital transformation, the Microsoft Power Platform App Creator (PL-100) certification is definitely worthwhile. It is clear that businesses use Microsoft's robust OS and solutions because digital transformation is at its core. By creating symbiotic apps that seamlessly operate on various Power Platform applications, Microsoft Power Platform with Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate assists enterprises in streamlining their business operations. As a result, there is a high demand for people with essential Power Platform capabilities to meet the businesses' future needs. Also, the annual compensation range for Microsoft Power Platform App Builder in the US is between USD 87,000 and USD 123,000.

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