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Course Overview

This SQL course offers you in-depth knowledge regarding SQL and SQL database management systems. This advanced course is for anyone with a basic understanding of SQL. As SQL is mostly used across organizations, this course can help a person learn the advanced concepts of SQL, thus contributing more to the field.

The course involves the different advanced concepts such as views and indexes, subqueries, joins, data functions, union, union all and intersect with all these concepts covered precisely in different modules. The companies embrace it as it offers ease in access to the information from the database regarding people, stocks, orders and allows sorting, retrieval, and data analysis.

Companies worldwide are looking for people with advanced knowledge of SQL. With the help of this course, a person with a beginner's understanding of SQL can gain advanced knowledge quickly. The course is short and precise and offers to learn through graphics and animation. The course also follows a practical approach, making it easy to learn advanced concepts. We offer a "Certificate of Completion" upon the successful completion of the course and a "Certification of Excellence" after completing the quiz related to the course.



  • Written as per the SQL Certification Examination
  • Content created by Industry Experts
  • Quizzes are added for self-evaluation and assessment
  • Genuine examples


Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Structured Query Language

Module 02: Brief History Of Database

Module 03: The Select Query

Module 04: Data Definition Language

Module 05: Data Manipulation Language Statements

Module 06: Data Definition Language Statements

Module 07: Sql Basic Sql - Aggregate Functions

Module 08: Date functions

Module 09: Union, Union All & Intersect Operators

Module 10: Joins

Module 11: Views & Indexes

Module 12: Sub-Queries


Structured Query Language – Intermediate - Quiz

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