Machine Learning Methods every Data Scientist should know

Machine Learning Map


Machine learning & artificial intelligence is becoming a hot topic in research and industry and new methodologies are being developed all the time. The speed and adaptability of the machine learning and its algorithm makes the keeping with the new techniques even complex for the expert and overwhelming for the beginners. To simplify the machine learning & artificial Intelligence offer the learning path for the people who are new and interested, let�s look at the different methods using simple descriptions, visualizations and examples for each one. Machine learning algorithm is also known as model and it is a mathematical expression that represents data in context of the problem. The aim is to migrate from data to insight. For example, if an online retailer wants to predict the sales for the next quarter, They can use the machine learning algorithm that predict the sale based on the past sale and other relevant data. The ten methods of machine learning described offer an overview and foundation you can easily build with the machine learning knowledge.

  1. Regression
  2. Classification
  3. Clustering
  4. Dimensionality Reduction
  5. Ensemble Methods
  6. Neural Nets and Deep Learning
  7. Transfer Learning
  8. Reinforcement Learning
  9. Natural Language Processing
  10. Word Embedding

There are two categories of machine learning; supervised and unsupervised. We apply supervised machine learning techniques when we have data that we want to predict or explain. Unsupervised learning looks at the ways to relate and group the data points without the use of a target variable.

More data, More questions and better answers

Machine learning algorithms find natural patterns that helps you to make better decisions and predictions. These patterns are used to make critical decisions in the highly computable jobs like medical domain, stock trading, energy load forecasting and many more.

Machine Learning with MATLAB

MATLAB makes machine learning easy and with the tools and functions for handling big data and apps to make machine learning accessible, MATLAB is an ideal environment for applying machine learning in the data analytics.


Machine learning is evolving rapidly and to equip you with the finest knowledge through which you can learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. There are many workshops and E learning classes available through which the attendees can attend and gain proper knowledge.