Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning has its deep roots in Computer Science. Before starting with course for Artificial Intelligence one should know more about Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we are discussing about the basic points through which we can differentiate between these two terms. The deep reinforcement learning comprises of the deep artificial neural networks guided by the codes. It requires a deep analogical reasoning to understand these codes and guide them according to the command. In future, the Artificial intelligence market will grow to $5.05 billion by 2020. Such stats has reassured our faith in the accelerating power of the human governed technologies. Witnessing the staggering stats, we should imagine the scenario with the machine learning developers point of view. But some people misunderstand that AI and ML are the same things but in different manners. This perception is completely wrong. AI and ML are the two branches of computer science. Their working and perspective is entirely different.

AI Deep Learning

The word Artificial Intelligence comprises of two words Artificial and Intelligence. Artificial means something which is develop in laboratory by the human or intelligence means ability to understand things. Artificial intelligence in a whole is not a system. AI implements in the system. To make things clear to the layman, AI is call so that everyone can understand the basic idea. In one definition, AI means.

The study to train the computers so that computers can perform the task better than the human beings

Hence, it is an intelligence to add the functionalities and capabilities to machine that human has.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the learning that machine can learn by itself without any external interference. It implements through application and it provides the ability to learn and improve from its surroundings. ML scientists generate a program by integrating the input and output variables of the program. Rules engines are used in the machine learning. Expert system knows to perform better in the extreme circumstances. The simple definition of machine learning is:

Machine learning is to learn from experience W w.r.t some class of task T and performance measure of P. It improves with the experience day by day

Hence, Machine Learning is all about machines learning from its own surroundings. Whereas, Artificial Intelligence is the software that is installed in the system to perform the task. To make things clear. let’s draw a line and explain the definitions in tabular manner. This further differentiate between Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence.