How to Tackle the Challenges of Customer Service Management?

Customer service is an essential part of any company or business that aim to leave a mark among people. For any business to flourish in the recent times, customer service has come to play a crucial role for maintaining customer integrity along with developing skills among employees. In a research presented by, it has been found out that if a person would comment and promote about a bad customer service more than a good one.

For achieving a good service, a well skilled management is necessary. The role of customer service management requires a lot of responsibilities besides the smooth problem solving skills which comes with a good hands on experience on the challenges faced. The challenges of customer service management thus can be resolved with the required skills to be a successful management. puts it out there that Customer service is a job in which there is a difference in how people think about the intensity of the job and how intense the job actually is.

For disentangling the problems of customer service management, we need to know what are the challenges that a person face while giving away a service. Some of the challenges with their possible solution are listed below.
1. Lack of complete information – There might a problem of ignorance to the proper and complete knowledge about a complaint which makes it difficult for finding a solution. It is very important for a manager to ensure that the customer service team have their hands on just about all and every problem that a customer can complain about. says that it is very common for a customer to catch the service provider off guard with a question but it is not necessary that there isn’t a solution to this.

Solution – The easiest way to go along a situation like this is to acknowledge the problem of the customer to gather up information as much as possible to find an efficient resolve. claims that instead of telling outright that there is no solution to a query, a customer service can always go with a ‘let me find it for you’ which warrants the customer that they can trust the service for resolving their problem. This might even include directing the customer to a different knowledge base and honestly providing them a time limit even it is a delayed one.
2. Customer asks for a supervisor – There might be times when a customer is not fully satisfied or has a distrust over customer service personnel and they might ask for the management or a superior to handle their problem. This might come in a form of anger or ill treatment as well which should be handled with extreme caution. There might be moments when they demand a service that is not related to the business and following up, ask for the supervisor to handle as the service personnel can’t do so.

Solution – The customer service management should be ready for a situation like this and they should prepare the personnel sitting at the desk for the same. Customer Service Coach Myra Golden tells that at times like this the customer should be reminded that the customer service person is the best that they can be provided with. They should also address the customer saying that the person at the call should be given an opportunity to solve their problem at first. 
3. Time management – It is crucial to know that the customers reaching out to the customer service for finding their solution are steadfastly busy with their lives. The time that they inculcate in reaching out is extremely worthy to them. Therefore, it is necessary to make them feel the same. mentions that sometimes the rapidity in which a problem is solved is worth more than the manner in which it is being addressed. The challenge may arise that the right tools are not present at the right time for solving the problem as fast as possible.

Solution – The management may in this case try for a well-developed engagement interface between the customer and the service provider for efficient workflow. The management should safeguard the essence of the problem to find out the right tools by creating a platform where the solutions are readily available. Interfaces such as chat bot, co-browse and live chat enhances the overall experiences of the customers.
4. Ill behaviour – This is probably one of the most common experiences that the customer service providers face at the time of addressing the customers at the other end. This may come out as a result of anger or impatience from the customer but it might lead to a great deal of cursing and argument from the customer’s side.

Solution – gives a series of steps on dealing with this particular problem. It says that whatever the problem may be an apology and explanation can comfort the customer to some extent. Simply following the steps of – hearing out the problem with patience, showing a little empathy towards the customer, apologising sincerely even if the fault is not of the service provider and lastly reassuring and diagnosing the problem can bring a promising solution to tackle the angry customers.

Apart from these major challenges faced by the customer service management at the job, the other minor confrontations can be resolved by the skills and experience that are acquired during the job. Suitable communication skills along with a decent attitude from the management can not only help finding solutions to customer problems but can also help maintain a good integrity among the team members and give them morale to improve their services with each new confrontation.