How useful is Six Sigma certification in a Customer Support Role?

As more companies expand their business virtually and traditionally, more attention is been given to customer support. The overall change is customer dynamics and tough market competition many companies are working towards making a customer support system that is efficient and reliable. Customer service and support is all about listening to customers and accordingly making required improvements in services and products. There are a variety of metrics, data involved in the process which has be managed well or it could be disaster. Six sigma certifications can play a useful part in the process and help customer support agents to work easily.

In simple words, Six Sigma is a quality control certification that attempts to educate people on analysing processes and outcomes to reduce waste and decrease defects. There are various levels of certifications when it comes to Six Sigma some of them are:

  • Six sigma While Belt
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt

As mentioned, customer support requires a lot of data to actually work and Six Sigma Professionals with specialized training in customer service hold the skills to collect that rough data. Six Sigma data from customer service departments can eliminate costly ‘work arounds’ to problems that arise allowing teams to identify and limit defects by providing data-driven resolutions. These data drive resolution can further improve your relationship with your customers as they will see these changes come into motion in the company and its services.

Customer Support Representatives are the point of interaction with both satisfied and dissatisfied customers, they have the ability to make or break your company’s customer satisfaction rates. The goal of the Six Sigma process is to find, diagnose, and fix errors or defects. When Six Sigma methodologies are integrated into customer service processes, you end up with a statistically driven way of resolving issues quickly and efficiently as well as discovering metrics that can be perfected from the start. In simple terms, six sigma certifications can be very useful in customer support roles.

Here’s are some benefits of six sigma certification in relation to customer support.

1. Customer Satisfaction

When you learn about Six Sigma processes, you will undergo stringent quality checks to remove all the defects that are present in services you provide to the customers. As a result, quality is never compromised which is the key to good customer service. The speed of service delivery is improved as well and this enhances the role of customer support in a company which gains trust from the consumers. In result, it leads to better customer satisfaction.

2. Employee Satisfaction

A lot of employees in many companies are confused as the various operating processes are often non-standardized.  Therefore, when employees are shifted across various channels, they face problems in adjusting as nothing is uniform in the system. Through Six Sigma certification the customer support representative can streamlines the whole process and improve consistency and eventually boosts employee performance. This will lead to better customer service.

3. Profitability

Through Six Sigma Certification one can achieve better customer service which would turn to better customer satisfaction. And when customers are satisfied with customer support and services there are repeat sales and good publicity. Eventually, all this leads to a healthy increase in profitability of the various business processes and a successful revenue of your company.

One of the biggest challenges for a customer support department is balancing the operational needs of the organization with the wants of the customer to increase customer loyalty and retention as efficiently as possible and six Sigma Methodologies are the key to reaching this challenging goal. Therefore, Six Sigma certification can be of great usefulness when it comes to customer support roles in any forms!